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Ranch Simulator Review

Ever dream of thriving off the land in wide open spaces, where the sweat on your brow and dirt under your fingernails reminds you that your hard work will be (slowly) rewarded? Then you may enjoy Ranch Simulator, a simulation game where you run your own ranch. Developed by Toxic Dog and published by Excalibur Games, the game was originally released in early access March 4, 2021. Since then, it has undergone further developments. On November 3, 2023 it moved it out of early access and the developers released v1.0 with a massive Unreal Engine 5 update.Let’s talk about the basic


Gearhead Karting Simulator Review

Do you enjoy cars and/or go-karts? How about the mechanic side of that? If so, then Gearhead Karting Simulator, by Gearhead Studio might be a good game for you.You start off in your garage with a To-Do list. First things first, you need to get a go-kart, so you go to the market which is conveniently located right outside your side door. You are instructed on which kart to buy, then you go back to your garage and start the repairs. You get to purchase new parts, place them on the kart, and even have to use your drill and impact


Tribe: Primitive Builder Review

It’s no secret that I enjoy casual simulation-style games. Add a good story to that, and I’m pretty much sold.Tribe: Primitive Builder, by Space Boat Studios, starts out with you being exiled from your tribe and you wash up on an island of other exiles. Then you start learning how to survive. The problem is that the volcano is getting temperamental and threatening the lives of everyone there. We need to pull this tribe of misfits into a true tribe that can work and thrive together.When you start out, you are sent to find the Elder. He ensures you get everything


Builder Simulator Review

Platform: PC, Xbox, PlaystationDevelopers: Live Motion GamesIt's time to build your dream house, brick by brick, with a pinch of sweat added to the mix! What Does Builder Simulator Entail?If you've always dreamed of building your house from scratch, Builder Simulator is the game for you. With this game, you can create a plan, buy the necessary materials, and construct the perfect residence, brick by brick. Initially, it may seem easy, but don't let it fool you. The game offers a specially designed tutorial that will guide you through all the twists and turns of construction work. But as you gain more

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