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Ghost Recon: Wildlands Closed Beta

This is Bruce. He and his three pals have been asked to talk to a not so nice man inside a Unidad base. Scouting out you see three snipers in towers as well as four patrols making sure there is no funny business going on. There is also half a dozen grunts on the ground to keep the area tidy. Taking out the snipers is a good start so Bruce goes ahead and does that before the four of them move into the base proper.One pal calls out a lone grunt in a bunker which is made short work of, then


Snake's News - The Gamescom Report Part Deux!

More trailers.THE CREW: CALLING ALL UNITSWe Hot Pursuit now.STEEP: THE MOUNTAIN IS YOURSA worthy replacement for SSX series.WATCH_DOGS 2 ONLINE MULTIPLAYER TRAILERYOOKA-LAYLEE EXISTS AND IS BETTER THAN CONKER + BANJO COMBINEDAnd I'm sitting here waiting for preorders.SOUTH PARK: FRACTURED BUT WHOLE TRAILERTasteless jokes included.CHAMPIONS OF ANTERIAA 2-hour long demo is available on UPlay right now.GHOST RECON: WILDLANDS - HOW TO CUSTOMIZE YOUR THINGSMake your own atrocity today!GROW UPNo, I'm not telling YOU to grow up, manchild. Sequel to Grow Home got its share of trailers as well.FOR HONOR: FACTIONS TRAILERSamurai, knights, and other freaks. And a gameplay.METAL GEAR SURVIVEAt 0:15 you

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