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House Builder Review

In House Builder, developed by FreeMind S.A., you take on the role of a one-man construction crew. Your goal is to travel around the world and build houses in many unique styles and from many different eras. The main strength of this game is in variety. You can build everything from mud huts in Africa to bamboo houses in a rainforest, construct a medieval castle, renovate a farm in America, or build an ecological house in Europe, that is powered by solar panels. Often your task is not only to build houses but also to procure building materials with a wide


House Flipper 2 Review

House Flipper 2 ReviewDevelopers: Frozen District, Empyrean - Publishers: Frozen District, PlayWay S.A.It's time to dust off your hammer - House Flipper is back in a brand-new fashion! Buy and renovate run-down houses! Or maybe you want to build new ones? Now you can! Start as a rookie Flipper and make a fortune by helping out the community of the charming town of Pinnacove.House Flipper 2 brings back all that lovely classic house building that we all know and love from House Flipper 1.The biggest difference lies in that this game has a "Sandbox" Mode and a single storyline.Break yourself in slowly again,


Outpath Review

Outpath has sent me on a bit of a rollercoaster, but I have to say, the ride ended quite pleasantly.I’m will say that when I started out playing this game I thought it was just going to be fun and relaxing. That was unfortunately not my experience in the beginning. First, I wasn’t sure of the whole build-your-own-island thing where you have to basically keep adding onto the world, but I was willing to give it a shot! I literally had no idea what I was doing. No tutorial, no hints, no backstory, nothing. However, I’m wasn't blaming anyone for this, it


Tribe: Primitive Builder Review

It’s no secret that I enjoy casual simulation-style games. Add a good story to that, and I’m pretty much sold.Tribe: Primitive Builder, by Space Boat Studios, starts out with you being exiled from your tribe and you wash up on an island of other exiles. Then you start learning how to survive. The problem is that the volcano is getting temperamental and threatening the lives of everyone there. We need to pull this tribe of misfits into a true tribe that can work and thrive together.When you start out, you are sent to find the Elder. He ensures you get everything


My Time At Sandrock Review

Platform: PC, Xbox, Playstation, SwitchDeveloper: Pathea GamesTime to tinker to your heart's content and turn a desolate town into a thriving one!What Does My Time At Sandrock Entail?My Time at Sandrock is the highly anticipated sequel to My Time at Portia. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, 330 years after the devastating day of Calamity that destroyed most modern technologies, Sandrock is a wild and rugged city-state in dire need of a skilled Builder. As the community's newest member, you have been entrusted with restoring Sandrock to its former glory.To accomplish this, you must gather resources and use your trusty tools to

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