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House Flipper 2 Review

House Flipper 2 Review

Developers: Frozen District, Empyrean - Publishers: Frozen District, PlayWay S.A.

It's time to dust off your hammer - House Flipper is back in a brand-new fashion! 

Buy and renovate run-down houses! Or maybe you want to build new ones? Now you can! 

Start as a rookie Flipper and make a fortune by helping out the community of the charming town of Pinnacove.

House Flipper 2 brings back all that lovely classic house building that we all know and love from House Flipper 1.

The biggest difference lies in that this game has a "Sandbox" Mode and a single storyline.

Break yourself in slowly again, as you dust off your hammers, paint rollers, and itch that interior and exterior designer passion we all have. I know I itched a couple of spots in more than one place.


There isn't a tutorial so to speak, but there is a practice tutorial stage, that will slowly bring you up to speed, most notably from the Beaver guidebooks that you can find lying around.

However, these will not always be available when it comes time to unlock new tools of the trade, but saying that it's rather easy to figure out what you are doing.

House Flipper 2 brings back the classic demolition, recreating, and redesigning that we've come to expect.

Wallpapering, tiling, wiring, flooring, home decoration... You name it, House Flipper has it.

You start nice and easy with general house cleaning, trash collection and unpacking. Slowly but surely you begin moving up to full-scale house remodelling, you can even remodel your own house or move somewhere else if you so desire.

Remember to auction off houses for a neat sum of money that can be used for the next project.

Everything about this game appealed to my sense of intuition, from where I should put a simple decor to how the rooms should look, to how an object is placed with rotation, even if it wasn't the main objective, I would inch into my ADHD and OCD to make it better.

Not only that, you may complete your tasks and finish the work with 1 star, but it's more satisfying when you complete it with 3 Stars.


I didn't at all try sandbox mode, to get a feel for all the tools at my disposal, but I'm pretty sure I would have failed in the creation of a home since I haven't even played House Flipper 1.

In story mode, however, you are given so much leeway. You can see the quest line to make it easier to know what the person who wanted work to their home needs. This doesn't apply to houses that you buy though, be aware of that.

Final Thoughts

It is a very relaxing game, there are no time constraints at all. Go at your own pace, which is something that I like.

The game does feature a very nice transition between nighttime and daytime, with a flashlight that comes in handy for those hard-to-see areas.

Graphic quality is fine with some major attention to detail with the shop customization options, as well as the general aesthetics of a particular neighbourhood. Sound quality is also very relaxing, and very smooth.

If I had one complaint about this game, it would be the snap-to-target and fine precision modes for placing things. Sometimes it just fails to find a suitable spot when you are trying to place an object up high, and can be frustrating, this mostly happens with Window and Door placements.



I would rate this a 5!

Even though there are some issues with the snapping and precision, the overall gameplay is amazing, building a house from scratch with a wide variety of decors and furniture is my kind of game. It's also super relaxing and satisfying to see your end product as well.

(5 being the absolute best)



If you'd like to know more about this game, check out the website HERE!

Release Dates

While the game is out on Steam, scheduled release dates for Xbox S/X and the PlayStation store coming soon!

  • Xbox Series S/X - 21st March 2024
  • PS5 - 21st March 2024

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