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Outpath Review

Outpath has sent me on a bit of a rollercoaster, but I have to say, the ride ended quite pleasantly.

I’m will say that when I started out playing this game I thought it was just going to be fun and relaxing. That was unfortunately not my experience in the beginning. First, I wasn’t sure of the whole build-your-own-island thing where you have to basically keep adding onto the world, but I was willing to give it a shot! I literally had no idea what I was doing. No tutorial, no hints, no backstory, nothing. However, I’m wasn't blaming anyone for this, it could have been a glitch or some other issue, but it was extremely frustrating to me. I did an update to the game a couple of days in, and restarted a new game, this time around, I did get the tutorial, which made a world of difference. At first, I wasn’t quite sure how to eat and kept dying, but as I was messing around with the controls, I realized it wasn’t nearly as difficult as I thought, so it was just an “Oops silly me!” and I went on with the game. Until I realized I kept dying because my sleep level was low too. Again, this problem was solved after the update and restart with a fresh save.

My first time through I was absolutely infuriated by this, but in the new game, I was able to build the research table so that I could learn to build my sleeping bag. So yay! Problem solved!

Finally Got Some Sleep

While the game will show you the bed in the “decorations” category, you have to learn how to make it. So, it basically felt like being so close yet so, so far away from something at first. It is amazing what a little tutorial can do for your gaming experience.

During my first run thought when I kept dying, it had these little messages after you’d die. I think it’s a cute concept, but unfortunately not when I’m already frustrated. Looking back on it now, I can laugh a little and say that they are indeed quite cute.

Just FYI...

The controls were a bit odd at first, the mouse sensitivity started off low but was adjustable. Also, whenever you destroy things the default setting is just constantly clicking on it to break it, however, you have the option at the very beginning of the game to just click and hold rather than clicking so much which is nice. These settings weren’t frustrating because you could easily change them back and forth in settings. The inventory, however, is a little difficult. You click “Q” to go to multiple little things like making a crafting table and a research table. As well as other things I couldn’t see because it was darkened out and assumed I hadn't found or discovered any of those items yet.

I would like to say that just because I didn’t know what I was doing and couldn’t sleep didn’t necessarily mean this game wasn’t fun, even in round one. When I decided to just turn off the food and sleep setting, it was enjoyable. It’s like Minecraft in a way. You get to break a bunch of stuff, and it constantly re-spawns which is cool! Once I was playing the game correctly, it was even better. You also must break a certain number of blocks to build onto your island, so you always have a goal when breaking random things, which I did like. It would be nice for someone who just wants to play a cute game with no monsters and no animals that run away when you try to kill them to pass the time.

The music is cute as well as the animals, I really like the style of the game. It's almost like a mix of a paper style, Minecraft, and 2D. I’m not exactly sure how to explain it, but it’s cute! The cows are also just the cutest things and I felt bad for killing them.

Sweet Cow Didn't See it Coming  

Overall, I would suggest this game to someone who would enjoy a relaxing Minecraft-ish 2-D game and wants to see how many islands they can build, because it is so cute and enjoyable!

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