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Rhyfel's Comprehensive List of Life Changing Games

Don't worry this is not the typical "Top 100" list. Think of it more like a suggestion list of awesome games more than anything, this is a list of some of the games I have played over the many years, which I believe are detrimental to a thorough experience of what gaming truly has to offer. It includes titles from nearly every genre that have all provided gamers with unique experiences unparalleled at the time or since.These are not all the games I played, these are not all the necessary games either as I am sure I missed plenty. But these


Let's Talk Horror

“What Frightens you more? The FEAR that you know, or the FEAR that you don’t know.” - F.E.A.R 2007“I say, is it too much to ask for both?” - Iron Man 2008  What makes a game not just terrifying but interesting as a video game experience? Resident Evil 7 may be a well developed game with great atmosphere, but I want to talk about some of the classic horror games that managed to not only inspire but also reinvent the genre, adding and restructuring different horror elements and mechanics.Each game has it's unique take on horror and while multiple characteristics can exist

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