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Why eSports Should Be Taken Seriously

"League of Legends Tournament" by camknows is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0  eSports hopefuls in the UK will have better opportunities in the future because of the addition of gaming scholarships. The  University of Roehampton London is offered the first eSports scholarship program in the country last year (2019). Ten scholarships will be given for this first year and each will shoulder £1,500 for a student on any course and level. The programme works like traditional sports scholarships in that those who want to enrol will have to demonstrate aptitude in the field. Why the need for such programmes? The rise


Our Time at EGX 2018

Once again we find ourselves at EGX. This year 3 members of the OP team went, and here are our thoughts:LEWISSo another year at EGX, and I still can't help but moan about the boring and uncreative art used at the entrance of EGX. A couple of shapes changed position and background patterns slightly changed up, but largely the same mundane and uninspiring signage. In no way does it get you excited for the event when you walk through what is essentially a large empty hall with nothing more than one large screen advertising a couple of the games at the


Our Time at EGX 2017

So here we are again, writing another article about another EGX event. Two members of the OP team went to EGX in 2017, and we have both individually written reviews of the event.Lewis When we arrived at the event, one of the first things that struck me was the lack of creativity in the art being used. I didn't feel hugely excited to be there, apart from the huge amount of people attending, I didn't feel like I was arriving at anything special. I remember in the early days of Eurogamer, I used to feel like I was attending something out of


The Magic of E3 vs Reality

Hello everyone and welcome back from the Electronic Entertainment Expo!Let's get to the topic right here!As usual we saw impressing showcases of games that make you wish your wallet was a bit bigger to buy them all. But what can we actually expect? What is going to be realised the way it was shown and what is going to be another fake that was just sugarcoated to show off. Well, as always we can not really know beforehand what is going to be exactly how we've seen it, but nevertheless,  experience has shown that most likely nothing is going to be


Gamescom 2017

Welcome back to the glorious times of Gamescom – 2017.As usual, Gamescom will return to Cologne this year once again and this time with a few (permanent)* changes.The date for the event changed to a firm date, as this wasn’t the case before.Luckily the beginning of Gamescom will be permanently held in the last week of August.The reasons for those decisions have been the exhibitors that complained about the organisation -  it simply was too complicated to plan without a firm date. Therefore, we will have a certain date we all can aim for. Most of us won’t have a problem with

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