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Riftstorm Pre-alpha Review

Riftstorm pre-alpha test kind of surprised me because, usually in alpha tests there's like 2-3 hours of gameplay at most, but usually it's just one level of a game or a small chunk of the open world. Riftstorm had 5 levels that you could do with 4 different characters with every level having randomized rooms, power-ups and loot. It felt more like an open beta with how much content there was here, but of course, not everything was peachy and there are plenty of red flags this game has so lets get into it.Riftstorm is a top-down twin stick roguelike looter


Kinetic Storm Review

Kinetic Storm by Broken Teapot Studios Inc. is a fun and exciting action roguelike, bullet hell type of game that can easily suck you in for hours at a time. It has a sci-fi feel to it, and I have to say, they did a great job on this demo.The graphics are great and I really enjoyed the almost old-school type of feel to them. The enemies are well done and get more intense as you progress through the game. Some are just more powerful and cause more damage, and others come at you in massive swarms. Either way, they create


Dust & Neon Review

Grab your guns, we’re heading west… to shoot some robots! Dust & Neon by David Marquardt Studios is a roguelite top-down shooter where you play as a cloned gunslinger trying to mow down armies of robots in the futuristic Wild West.Your character wakes up in a cloning tank in a laboratory of a mad scientist. The goal is simple, to go on various missions, eliminating as many robots as possible. Every time your character dies, the game takes you back to the lab, where you gain control of a new clone. The lab also serves as a hub, for upgrading the


War Mongrels Review

War Mongrels ReviewDescriptionDo you enjoy a good mix of tactical elements, adventure, and stealth, all tightly packed into a dark, fascinating story? We felt it was a rhetorical question, so that’s the experience we’ve crafted ;)Try different tactics in each mission. Distract the enemies or drop parts of destroyed buildings on their heads. The interactive environment opens up many tactical options for you to explore.War Mongrels is a top down, strategy based game set in the era of World War 2 around the Eastern front in 1944.Developed by DESTRUCTIVE GAMES, they have set their eyes on focusing attention to an area


Neon Chrome Review

Few words about the gameNeon Chrome is an addicting top-down shooter with rouge-like gameplay, placed in a cyberpunk, colourful world. Since the very beginning of a game, players are greeted by an awesome soundtrack that will introduce you to the pace of the game. At first, the gameplay might look a bit chaotic and maybe even overwhelming, but once you'll get used to it, oh boy - the only thing you'll want to do is spread even more chaos, blast enemies through walls with customized guns or your cybernetic abilities! Or who knows, maybe you'll decide for a sneakier, yet as

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