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Neon Chrome Review
Few words about the game

Neon Chrome is an addicting top-down shooter with rouge-like gameplay, placed in a cyberpunk, colourful world. Since the very beginning of a game, players are greeted by an awesome soundtrack that will introduce you to the pace of the game. At first, the gameplay might look a bit chaotic and maybe even overwhelming, but once you'll get used to it, oh boy - the only thing you'll want to do is spread even more chaos, blast enemies through walls with customized guns or your cybernetic abilities! Or who knows, maybe you'll decide for a sneakier, yet as deadly as ever path? It's up to you how you're going to stop the Overseer


  •  Excellent local co-op (max 4 players)
  •  Phenomenal and atmospheric soundtrack (I instantly fell in love with it, listen to Monopoly on Violence, it's just splendid)
  •  Difficulty is hard enough to keep you entertained but not too hard to be raging at it
  •  Controls are simple and well thought through. Also, a great controller support (tested on XBOX 360 controller and steam controller)
  •  Story is told on the side as you're going through the game, no need to sit through long cutscenes / dialogues
  •  Huge variety of pre-made classes, upgrades, weapons and abilities to choose from
  •  Level design is awesome, mostly destructible surroundings and randomly generated levels
  •  Graphics are very nice to look at and, believe it or not, quite neon. Cyberpunk ish graphics rules!
  •  After couple years, game still sees new updates coming out

  •  Co-op mode is only local


I have not passed it completely as of writing the review, but I can't wait to get back into it. The replay value is great thanks to randomly generated levels and the level creator, there's also all those abilities and unlockables. Surroundings are nearly 100% destructible, so the only thing that stands in your way to burst through the wall into a room full of enemies is a wall that you'll need to take down! A.I. is not stupid, so don't worry, it's not one of those slashers where enemies just run at you, doing nothing. The story is well written and interesting enough to be viable part of the game. One thing that surprised me is the diversity of all add-ons like combinations of weapons and abilities, unique abilities to specific characters and tons of upgrades you get going along the game - you'll have tons of fun looking for the best combination that fits your play style. One thing that the game seems to be missing is online mode for cooperative mode, real shame in that. Other than that, just fantastic top-down shooter title!
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