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Your Journey of Survival Review

Your Journey of Survival Review

Developed and Published - Smartly Gophered Games

Your Journey of Survival is an open world, sandbox game, mixing together the best elements of FPS, Survival, and RPG games. 

Set in the year 2400, you awake in a world where everything is seemingly unknown and all of humanity & civilization must be rebuilt from the ground up.

Where Dayz, Rust, and H1Z1 all meet together in one game. The only difference is that the graphics are amazingly beautiful.

Embark on an epic journey across lush landscapes, with wild weather controls from Sunshine to heavy rain and storms.

Build, eat, hunt and survive the harsh environments that we've all come to love in RPGs, the one question remains...

Do you have what it takes to survive such experiences?


There is no tutorial, not even a small whiff of an introduction.

You are thrown into a pre-defined map with multiple spawn points located throughout the areas, some spots are great, others are not so great.

The most important thing that you must remember is that your backpack is limited.

On the plus side, you can increase your bag storage by collecting resources!

Resources come from various things like Trees, bushes, Large stones and even the bandits that you find and kill, considering this game is set in 2400, and you must rebuild humanity, it kind of contradicts itself as to why there are bandits in the first place.

The game is generous enough with its resources though, so that's a big bonus.

I am unsure if it was just me, but I wasn't able to build anything, since you are supposed to be able to build houses or homes in any kind of style, I thought it would have been great, without a tutorial to show me how to use those blueprints I was just at a complete loss.

However, you can play single-player and lose your way with limited options OR you can join a multiplayer world with your friends. The developers were kind enough to have 2 worlds open with varying pings.

These worlds already have structures built on them, but I was still unable to build anything. You can use the crafting table, furnace, cooking pot or farm yards however you please.

PvP is enabled ;) I may, or may not have looted a single bullet firing automatic... 

Final Thoughts

The crafting is weird to me as it feels clunky and unbalanced, and the bag storage is kind of like Escape From Tarkov, eating berries for hydration and hunger seems overpowered...

Automatic healing without using meds or anything when hurt... No building allowed at all, the game feels incredibly unpolished.

Thankfully though, the developers are extremely active in their Discord server, and according to some sources they listen to the community.

Hoping in the future that something gets improved, maybe like enabling building or creating a small introductory tutorial explaining blueprints, and using the crafting menus.

On the bright side! It is an amazingly beautiful game, even if limited by a large square boundary.




I would rate this currently a 2 for reasons already mentioned like the lack of tutorial, no building mechanics, or that I could find. Even using the keybindings stated in the control scheme did nothing.

It's a 2 mainly for how beautiful the game is, and its crazy weather controls. It could be snowy, Rain Storms, or Sunny. Your naked body temperature will surely plummet if you don't have the necessary clothing.

It's also this low because, oh my god, the sound effects for walking on branches in forests are so... Infuriating... Big warning, turn down your sound effects because it will get annoying quickly.



If you would like to check out the official website for news and other games made by the Devs, CLICK HERE!

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