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The Universim Review

The Universim is a game with a long history, spanning 10 years. It was funded through Kickstarter back in 2014 and released on Steam in early access in 2018. Now after 10 years, we reached the stage where The Universim got its 1.0 release on January 22nd. This is a planet management game or a "God-sim" where you manage a planet as you guide your Nuggets through different stages of development through either love or fear. There are four stages of your civilization: The stone age, Medieval age, the Modern age and the Space age. Stone Age was by far the


Zombie Cure Lab Review

Zombie Cure LabAbout the gameIn this sandbox lab builder you'll lead a team of scientists in curing - not killing! - the mindless zombies attacking your base.Cured zombies will help your scientists with expanding your facilities, gathering resources and researching new technologies.In this apocalyptic zombie game, you are tasked with curing the zombies by "freezing" them and then making them more of a lesser zombie, and over time become "human"Collect a vast amount of resources, with is very clear and abundant on the map, to be able to build, craft and defend against those zombies.Be sure to keep up the technology


Organs Please Review

Organs Please arrives nearly a decade late to the party started by Papers, Please. An obvious riff on Lucas Pope’s successful immigration inspector simulation, this game takes the satirical approach even further and deals with themes that may be sensitive to some, but if the thought of incinerating, hitting with a spoon, and turning humans into canned food isn’t an issue for you, this is an interesting yet somewhat repetitive take on the dystopian society genre.Burn Baby BurnIt’s a race against time and extinction in Organs Please, as humanity struggles with a global resource crisis. The logical thing to do in

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