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No Time To Explain Review

Few words about the gameNo Time To Explain is an amazingly fun platformer game, where you pass levels using the laser cannon or few other tools, fight alien crabs or mecha-pterodactyls or dance off a cake. After this kind of description of a game, I really have no clue what you're waiting for, there's no time to explain, it's just perfect!Advantages- Totally random and stupid humour - I love every bit of it- Ton of fun, non-repetitive levels to pass through- Collectives are everywhere, but it's challenging to get some of them- Music and voice acting are awesome- Local co-op- Game


Tick Tock Isle Review

Few words about the gameTick Tock Isle is a short 2D puzzle adventure game made by an indie dev team, Squiddershins, that specializes in weirdly fun, small games, and they're definitely are keeping their formula in this one. You're taking over the role of a young guy named Strike and your goal is to basically repair both a clock in an abandoned clock tower and a strange, dysfunctional family. But there's a twist - you need to travel back in time to be able to do that.AdvantagesSimple controls, you're only going to use arrows and occasionally, enter to access inventory /


BDSM: Big Drunk Satanic Massacre Review

What is BDSM(Big Drunk satanic massacre)? Do you like dark jokes? is your kink BDSM? Do you like killing cartman? Then this could be the game for you?Sea of fartsThe Story: BDSM story is a pretty standard day for demons getting to drunk and getting kicked out of a bar and going out and killing stuff while drinking and getting the babes.Lots of death!What BDSM but more in depth BDSM is a top down shooter with multiple guns and lots of gore and nudity plus bosses.Some of the upgrades you can get!The Graphics of BDSM: The graphics are 3D and nothing interesting/unique