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Spyro Reignited Trilogy Review

Are you looking for a relaxing platformer to play? Spyro Reignited Trilogy is a remastered collection of the original and much loved three Spyro platform video games that were originally released on the PlayStation back in the late 90’s. Published by Activision and developed by Toys for Bob for Spyro’s 20th anniversary, this updated trilogy of the original classics comes with new updated graphics and a host of new features.

In this trilogy you play as Spyro, a young purple dragon accompanied by his fellow dragonfly Sparx on which you will embark on multiple adventures across the many homeworlds to collect eggs, free dragons that have been left in crystal forms and defeat the many enemies that lie in your path.

This remaster is perfectly balanced with exploration, puzzle solving and combat , keeping the charm you would find in the original games, with many improvements. The main feature portrayed in this version is the complete overall of the graphics which have been greatly improved and updated.



The game looks absolutely stunning. With its wild and vivid colors, detailed environment and map layout, along with its rich textures, the attention to detail is really noticeable. The animations, along with the much-improved controls which are now tight and responsive, really bring the joy of playing an old classic that has been revived with improvements.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy has many strengths, although it should be mentioned that the game isn't perfect. Like in the original game, the camera can be unstable at times, making it difficult to focus on specific areas. Another issue some players might find is that the game can become repetitive during certain battles and not provide enough challenge.





If you haven’t played the original games, Spyro in short is a fun and engaging platformer game in which you navigate the various levels, solving puzzles , collecting gems and freeing friends along the way. Spyro can defeat his enemies by either headbutting/ramming them or breathing fire on them like you would expect from any dragon. Although the game is primarily aimed at younger audiences, the charm, engaging gameplay and beautiful graphics has managed to attract players from all ages.

The game is divided into 3 games :

Spyro the dragon : in which Spyro must free the dragons that have been trapped in crystal by the evil Gnasty Gnorc and defeat his army of Gnorcs. During your adventures in the Dragon realms, you will find many puzzles to complete, many worlds to explore and many enemies to roast or headbutt “up to you”.

Spyro 2 : Ripto’s Rage! :  In the land of Avalar, war rages and many worlds have been captured by the evil sorcerer Ripyo. Similar to the first game, you will have to fly around and free each world from his evil grip, but Spyro has grown stronger. He now has abilities he didn’t have in the previous version and you will find more unique challenges along the way.

Spyro : Year of the dragon : In this final masterpiece, all the dragons are celebrating the year of the dragon, but someone has come and stolen all the eggs you have saved. An evil sorceress has taken control yet again of the realms and you must again save the eggs and the realm of all evil. The major difference in this game is that there are brand new challenges. Some of these for example will involve you either stepping into the boxing ring or pulling off tricks on a skateboard.



Once you have started unlocking certain requirements, such as freeing dragons for example, you are able to head to new worlds which have multiple portal to different levels. The game leaves the player the freedom to explore levels in the order they want. You will not need to collect every item or free every dragon to be able to complete each game, although for all you players out there that love to complete games 100%, the game does reward you with extra content, only available to those that rise up to the challenge.

For someone that loves to complete games and get all the achievements, this game was a true delight as none of the achievements were that challenging or a real grindfest where you have to spend hours just to get that 1 achievement, most of them should unlock naturally as you play and you will end up having to replay levels to get 100% as you might not have the skill required yet. This for me wasn’t a problem though as this game has many hidden secrets making it worth replaying the levels. The game makes it really easy to navigate to levels from the menu, you don’t have to spend time flying around to each location. You can also track your progress overall or per level which I find is a feature lacking in many games.





The audio in Spyro Reignited trilogy has also received many improvements. The voice acting in the game really brings out the charm in the game with each character having their own personality and catchy one liners. This along with the beautifully composed soundtrack throughout the game really works well to make it easy to immerse yourself into the game.

I absolutely loved the way each level had their own theme that matched perfectly to the environment or the fantasy of the game.




Verdict & Score

During my playthrough, which took 27 hours, I managed to complete all the games 100%, gathering all collectibles and achievements. I really enjoyed reminiscing on a game I adored during my childhood. I could see all the effort put into this remaster, but most importantly, how Toys for Bob did their best to keep the game as it was while adding so many needed improvements. 

The quality-of-life improvements, fresh coat of paint, and improved score and dialogues have really brought back Spyro with so much love and care. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for Spyro.


  • Beautiful graphics
  • Great music truly fitting it’s environment
  • Staying true to its original version
  • Easy and relaxing


  • Camera controls aren’t perfect and haven't been improved

Final Score : 9/10

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