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Frozenheim Review

At its core, Frozenheim is a city builder. The game focuses heavily on resource management with real-time tactical combat sprinkled in between.

Frozenheim will of course draw immediate comparisons to Valheim, but there are some core differences between the two viking games. 

Firstly, you’ll notice much higher fidelity when it comes to the graphics in Frozenheim. It looks visually appealing and has a high level of detail when it comes to graphics and animations.

Next is the emphasis on expanding a settlement to a thriving city. Frozenheim leans more heavily on growing one location vs having many smaller villages in Valheim.

What I find most appealing is the multiplayer aspect of the game. Frozenheim launches with online PvP so you can do battle with opposing clans. Alternatively, you can build alliances to help weather the elements together.

Frozenheim also features NPC villagers who help you grow your viking population. You start off with a couple computer-controller vikings and can increase your party size as you build more housing.

As with most RTS games, a “fog of war” will blanket any areas of the map that you haven’t explored. In Frozenheim, exploration is key to finding new resources and completing quests. Scout with warriors and prepare to defend against bandits!

Based on the early review, it seems like raiding parties show up frequently in Frozenheim. Your settlement safety will rely on strategic placement of buildings and having a strong enough army to fend off your foes.

Players can approach Frozenheim either in a free play sandbox mode or take on the campaign which includes a storyline, quests and objectives. The viking simulator launched on May 20th and got a new content update a week ago, you can pick it up on Steam to enjoy with friends!

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