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Narcos Video Game and Razer Partner with Lenovo

Netflix to Develop New Video Game Based on Netflix Series 'Narcos'

Following the surrounding hype of Netflix's hit series Narcos which was released earlier this year, the creators are aiming to further boost its popularity by releasing a video game based on Narcos.
Originally posted by Netflix US's official Twitter:
Yes, one of our engineers made a @NarcosNetflix video game. Press any key to get  plata or plomo. http://gorch.com/npop/

The game will be available for PC, but not on any other consoles.

Narcos is a story of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar and the efforts from the U.S. government to bring him to justice. Created by Carlo Bernard, Chris Brancato, Doug Miro, Paul Eckstein, and starring such talents with the likes of Wagner Moura, Boyd Holbrook and Pedro Pascal, Narcoshas been ranked among the 50 best drama TV shows on Netflix, and fans are awaiting a second season to be released next year.

Razer and Lenovo Announces Partnership to Launch Hardcore Gaming Desktops

Razer and Lenovo are no strangers to the tech scene. Being among the most acclaimed and famous hardcore gaming hardware manufacturers and the world's number 1 PC maker respectively, the two tech giants are teaming up to co-brand and co-market Razer Edition models of Lenovo’s Y Series gaming systems.
Originally posted by Victor Rios, vice president and general manager, Workstation BU, Gaming and Industry Solutions, Lenovo:
“We are thrilled to partner with Razer and bring out the best from both companies to deliver a better, more immersive gaming experience for customers. While we bring to the table our engineering expertise, design muscle and scale, Razer adds in the finesse and experience of serving the gaming community for the last decade. We believe our partnership is a strong first step that will lead to the delivery of winning PC gaming solutions and a brand new experience to our customers.”

This partnership aims to utilize the massive manufacturing and supply chain of Lenovo together with Razer's professional hardcore gaming expertise, as well as the video game hardware company's software solutions.
Originally posted by Razer Co-Founder and CEO Min-Liang Tan:
“This agreement opens opportunities to advance the gaming lifestyle through world-class product in unprecedented ways. Lenovo is the world’s #1 PC maker. Razer is the world’s #1 gaming lifestyle brand. Together we have the passion, insight and operational capabilities to delight and empower the PC gaming community worldwide.”

There are a few cool hardware tweaks visible from the partnership's products. Lenovo’s red accent lighting has been replaced by green, which is identified by Razer’s gaming products. There will also be visible lighting shined from beneath the chassis.

A prototype of the first Lenovo Razer Edition gaming desktop was unveiled at the recent professional gaming festival DreamHack Winter 2015, however its official launch date is set in January at CES 2016, held in Las Vegas.

More Gaming Footage and Concept Art of Cancelled 'Avengers' Game Released by Didyouknowgaming

Some of you may recall that THQ Australian developed a tie-in video game for Joss Whedon's The Avengers, but it was cancelled due to major financial setbacks.

The game was written by five-time Eisner-award winning comic book writer, Brian Michael Bendis who also wrote a few Marvel comic books, and was planned loosely follow the Secret Invasion storyline, instead of The Avengers battling the Chitauri, like they did in the 2012 blockbuster movie.

Should the game been released, it would be a first-person action game with your choice of four playable characters: Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America and Thor, with Hawkeye and Black Widow as unlockable characters.

Many in-game footage has been leaked on the internet along the years, but DidYouKnowGaming's YouTube channel has recently posted a video detailing the game's rise and fall, as well as never-before-seen gameplay footage. You can watch it right here.

What do you think about the upcoming video game based on Narcos? What about Lenovo andRazer's new partnership? Any thoughts after watching the gameplay footage from the cancelledAvengers game? Do let us know all your thoughts in the comments below!
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