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Why Modding the Sims 4 is Worth Your While

Hey there, fellow Sims enthusiasts! Isn't it amazing how we can create our alternate universes, filled with quirky characters, dream houses, and sometimes, the most outrageous scenarios? Sims 4 already offers a world of endless possibilities, but have you ever thought about stepping into the exciting realm of modding? If you're shaking your head, hear this out! Modding the Sims 4 is like discovering a hidden level in your favorite video game or finding a secret menu at your favorite restaurant. It takes an already incredible game and skyrockets it into a whole other dimension! From customizing your Sim's appearance to


The History of Bullfrog & How Their Games Began

Bullfrog Productions, founded in 1987 in England, United Kingdom by Peter Molyneux and Les Edgar are well known across the world as pioneers of the God Game genre and creators of charming, humorous and overall wonderfully designed games. Very few developers from the United Kingdom offered so much to the gaming industry in the 80s and 90s outside of the likes of Rebellion, Rare, Team17 and Psygnosis.So much talent was in the company that following its closure by Electronic Arts in 2001, many new development studios emerged from ex-employees that went on to create new titles and spiritual successors that held


Bioware Wants to Make More Mass Effect Games

Just when you think the Mass Effect series is out, Bioware says that they're not quite done with the franchise and hope to make more games in the series.In an interview with Polygon, Mark Darrah, the executive producer Anthem and the Dragon Age series, says that Bioware is "definitely not done with Mass Effect." There’s a lot of stories to be told," Darrah told the website. "We could pull on the threads we put down with Andromeda; we could pull on threads from Mass Effect 3. There’s a lot of interesting space to be explored."Casey Hudson, the executive producer of the


Retro Dose #19 - The Sims

Today we are remembering the second best-selling PC game of all time that marked the world of simulation and infatuated our mothers, sisters, girlfriends, or even ourselves because of the surreal level of entertainment that it provided.When you think about it, the goal of almost every game is to show a segment of the living world, real or imaginary, and you try to make it credible, virtually sustainable and somewhat more realistic. Many games tried to convey the experience of life in the real world, but none of the series came close to the detailed level as The Sims series, whose


E3 The Conferences - EA Play

E3 starts here with the first (non) E3 conference. For the second year, Electronic Arts forego the annual expo for their own week long event. Alongside the announcement Origin Access would have a free, week long, limited trial for all, here is what else was shown.After the Madden 18 reveal trailer, the meat of the show began with Battlefield 1.In the Name of the Tsar is the upcoming expansion featuring the Russian Army and the Women's Battalion of Death. It will comprise of six new maps and specializations for deeper gameplay. Release is due in September with two new night maps,

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