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E3 The Conferences - EA Play
E3 starts here with the first (non) E3 conference. For the second year, Electronic Arts forego the annual expo for their own week long event. Alongside the announcement Origin Access would have a free, week long, limited trial for all, here is what else was shown.

After the Madden 18 reveal trailer, the meat of the show began with Battlefield 1.

In the Name of the Tsar is the upcoming expansion featuring the Russian Army and the Women's Battalion of Death. It will comprise of six new maps and specializations for deeper gameplay. Release is due in September with two new night maps, Nivelle Nights and Prise De Tahure to come June and July respectively.

Not much more was revealed about FIFA 18 but more was promised later in the Summer.
Need for Speed: Payback showcased a gameplay trailer with a heist mission, tasked with stealing a car from a moving truck.

As well as the trailer it was revealed the story would have you control three separate characters, have a diverse range of settings and some classic car customization.

From the creators of Brothers, A Tale of Two Sons, their new studio Hazelight is releasing A Way Out, currently set for Early 2018. A co-op only title that is designed to be played split screen on the couch, or online, revolving around a prison break. Gameplay was also shown highlighting alternate methods of approach for various puzzles.

Bioware's new game was teased, Anthem, but no further details given. More is coming in the Microsoft E3 press conference.

NBA Live 18 showed off The One, the new story mode for custom characters. Playing on the streets initially and later on courts, a demo was announced for August with all progress made carrying over to the main title.

Closing out the show was Star Wars Battlefront 2.

Spanning all three eras of the movie franchise, EA revealed there would be three times more content than the original, a new class system, higher skill cap and battle points, earned throughout the matches, which allow for more powerful characters and vehicles on respawn. Finn and Captain Phasma were revealed, by John Boyega himself, to be part of the initial post release content, but would cost nothing.
The much requested story mode was addressed, set between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens.

The segment ended with a live 20v20 match on the Assault on Theed map, with the clones taking on the droids. This three phase battle showcased much of the new gameplay including character units, vehicles, land and air, and the class specializations. For the full show head to the Electronic Arts Youtube Channel.
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