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Hunters Arena: Legends Early Impressions
Hunter’s Arena: Legends is technically a MOBA game. I was expecting more of a PUBG or Fortnite style entry to the Arena. The game started off at a safe base location where players are gathered while waiting for other players in the Arena. While waiting, players can buy some equipment including weapons, armors, and accessories.

Once the game begins, the players are let through the gates where they start at Level 1. Hunter’s Arena: Legends has mobs that are at different levels and are provided with some initial skill points to start off with a couple of skills. Once players kill mobs and gather experience, they can level up and get gold and skills points. Some mobs also drop equipment as well. Hunter’s Arena: Legends, even though it has the same concept of Fortnite and PUBG of moving towards a ring, as mentioned earlier, has an RPG like structure. One relief in this game is that you don’t get killed by other players instantly as you have to use your melee skills and get close to the players.

A great feature about Hunter’s Arena: Legends is that the map is big enough with a lot of groups of monsters to kill and mini dungeons to go through. There are also all you can find shops throughout the map to buy off equipment. But since the game is in Closed Beta, the gameplay seems a bit wonky and all over the place. Even though the RPG-like progression is cool and all, it is not centralized and feels out of place. Combos are hard to do because of the clunky animation.

But there's a lot of things I personally don't like about the game. One of the main issues I have with it is the artstyle. Yes, the world looks pretty, but the characters are way oversexualised, and the amount of effects that are on the screen when you actually fight a player is overwhelming to the point you can't understand what's happening.

But there is an even bigger issue - actually getting into the game. First time I launched it there was no text anywhere on the screen, so the tutorial was pretty much useless. When I gave the game a second try the next day I couldn't even load into a match - it finds a match, but after 5 minutes it just kicked me back to the main menu.

So, my honest opinion is, wait for the game to actually release, because I think there's gonna be a lot of problems when/if it launches into open beta.

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