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Stick Fight: The Game Mobile Launches Global Closed Beta

They might be 5-inches thick, but they are 17 inches of stupid. After peaceful negotiation breaks down, violence erupts. Stick Fight pits four idiots against each other in physics-based combat. Defeat your enemies in order to prove that you are always right, no matter what.

The closed beta Android launch of Stick Fight: The Game Mobile has been announced by NetEase Games and Landfall Games. It is the mobile version of the popular PC game, Stick Fight: The Game, developed by NetEase Games and licensed by Landfall. In addition, this mobile version also allows Android players to get in on the fight.

The original Stick Fight: The Game sold over two million copies on Steam and has maintained a 90% approval rating. This garnered its reputation as a fun-filled multiplayer combat game perfect for playing with friends. Stick Fight: The Game Mobile keeps this in mind, as it has been developed as a light competitive, multiplayer-only fighting game that puts all the random, crazy fun of the original right in your pocket.

Stick Fight: The Game Mobile features:  

  • Multiplayer Brawls: With two to four players in every battle arena, the last stick figure standing (by any means necessary) is the ultimate champion. Players can battle with their friends or strangers and discover a vast array of ways to dispose of your enemies.
  • Mobile Optimized Gameplay: Designed from the ground-up for mobile gameplay, Stick Fight: The Game Mobile includes a redesigned mobile interface perfect for action packed games on the go but with the same awesome gameplay Stick Fightfans love.
  • Randomly Generated Weapons and Maps: Over 100 maps and 38 weapons all occur randomly, so players never know what they’re going to get. Adapt to crazy terrain and guns falling from the sky to out-fight your friends in this frantic free-for-all.  
  • Global Grapple: Play online to make new friends from all over the world and meet them in the arena to destroy each and every one of them in glorious stick-fight combat.
If you are interested here's some gameplay:

  • daedalus007
    March 30, 2019

    NetEase literally ripped off 'Stick Fight' videos on YT, threw in some multiplayer, and try to claim it as their own.  How absurd.

    In fact the videos on YT are literally called 'Stick Fight' as well.  Wish they'd sue NetEase and win ;)

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