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Innovative Paths: Exploring Video Game Trends Expected in 2024

The video game industry has been at the frontier of technological advancements in recent years, with many breakthrough technologies being implemented by businesses and various other industries worldwide. Throughout this article, we will explore the innovative paths video games could take in 2024 and the trends that could shape the video gaming world as we enter the new year.From Code to Creation: Generative AI's Evolution in GamingGenerative AI tools are set to explode in the video gaming industry in 2024. For example, it could be used to create more natural and believable characters within games that can easily converse with players


The Rise of Mobile Gaming: Timeline, Trends and its Impact

Do you know that there are more than 2.8 billion gamers in the world? This shows how popular these releases have become. In fact, the industry is now worth billions, with more titles captivating enthusiasts.However, there weren't always smartphones, neither were there such compelling video games. These options go a long way back. In this text, we walk through its journey, exploring how it moved from being basic to more advanced. Continue reading to find out more.How We Moved from Grassroots to GiantSmartphone games wouldn't have come this far if not for technology. Advancements in the tech space led to the

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