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The Rise of Mobile Gaming: Timeline, Trends and its Impact

Do you know that there are more than 2.8 billion gamers in the world? This shows how popular these releases have become. In fact, the industry is now worth billions, with more titles captivating enthusiasts.

However, there weren't always smartphones, neither were there such compelling video games. These options go a long way back. In this text, we walk through its journey, exploring how it moved from being basic to more advanced. Continue reading to find out more.

How We Moved from Grassroots to Giant

Smartphone games wouldn't have come this far if not for technology. Advancements in the tech space led to the creation of more complex releases. But before diving into these high-end titles, let’s look at how it started:

Looking At It All From the Beginning

A few years ago, mobile gaming wasn’t as fun as what we see today. They were 2D with features, which was due to the limited resources in play at that time. During this period, when talking about mobile games, we’re talking about Snake, Tetris, and Solitaire. It was laughable. They came pre-setup on a lot of the first mobile phones.

However, as mobile devices started improving, these games began turning into something we’d consider "wow!” In 2003, Nokia released the N-Gage, which was one of the first mobile devices that was meant for gaming alone. It allowed people to download and play games and had a multiplayer option that allowed players to compete wirelessly with one another.

Too bad, despite N-Gage's success, the device didn’t last for long. The gadget was expensive, and it’s not like we had enough options then. Additionally, the device had other technical issues. By 2005, Nokia had given up on it.

Smartphones Make Mobile Gaming Boom

Mobile gaming truly took off when smartphones came on board. Let’s begin with the iPhone, which came out in 2007. It completely transformed the mobile industry. The phone was big, with a high-quality screen and a strong processor that made it perfect for gaming.

As you’d expect, developers hopped on the trend and immediately began shooting out titles for this phone. The games were better than what our ancestors saw, but, well, they weren’t so good either. We saw Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja stealing the limelight these days. They were frequently available for free or at a low cost. Also, they were created with the intention of being user-friendly and accessible, making them ideal for quick gaming sessions.

The higher the smartphones went in the long run, the more mobile games stepped up their game. At some point, one could say the games could compete with the top consoles and PC games.

Graph sourced from: https://www.visualcapitalist.com/50-years-gaming-history-revenue-stream/

How Mobile Gaming is Changing the Gaming Industry

Let’s begin with how much our game developers are now bent on giving the best. They’re putting more emphasis on making mobile games that are easy for us to play, navigate, and get lost in.

Also, with the way mobile gaming keeps rising, we now have many options available to us. The reason for this is because suppliers are always releasing new versions to stay competitive.

More than that, these creators have started to look closely at the games' adaptability to any phone. Thanks to modern technology, we no longer need to be embarrassed by the gadgets we use for pleasure. Additionally, several studios ensure that their games work on both mobile devices and even our beloved PCs and consoles.

Big Trends You Should Tap Into

Below are not just trends - they are benefits you should tap into:


Everyone appears to be gushing over the latest craze: playing games online for free. Just by downloading it, you can begin to enjoy the game to its fullest. In other words, you don’t spend a dime to enjoy gaming sessions. Regardless, you should keep in mind that a lot of games let players buy virtual goods or upgrades through in-game transactions.


Let’s talk esports. These are tournaments where professionals compete against each other in video games. Such contests can take place in front of a live audience or, as you may have wished, online. Esports has become our culture in recent times, attracting millions of viewers who tune in to watch. It has also led to more people rushing into the nzd casinos.


One can say that it all began when mobile devices took a turn and decided it was time for an upgrade. Thanks to mobile phone development, we can now play anytime, anywhere, without limits. Plus, there are many options, so it’s just a matter of what you feel like playing.

The future of mobile gaming looks promising. Several advancements on the horizon are poised to make the industry even better. As such, gamers can expect titles with even more exciting gameplay and features.

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