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AirportSim Review

AirportSim ReviewDevelopers: MS GAMES, MK STUDIOSPublisher: Iceberg InteractiveAirportSim is an Advanced Airport Ground Handling Simulator with true-to-life visuals and operations, licensed planes and vehicles, real airports and live weather conditions. Enjoy the many tasks alone or with friends, making this experience unforgettable.Have you ever wondered what those grounds people actually do in an airport? Here in AirportSim, you can be just that as a one-man army with a huge array of vehicles and different skills at your disposal.Be it a simple Bus Terminal Driver, or refueller of an aeroplane, in this game you'll experience all these jobs as you are the only


Cafe Owner Simulator Review

Platform: PC, SteamDevelopers: Second RealityRelaxing or Overworked? How about a bit of both? Think House Flipper, but with more mechanics when it comes to business. Grab a cup of coffee on the go, and wear trainers, as you'll be running about a lot.What Does Cafe Owner Simulator Entail?Open up your own Cafe/restaurant with your father's money that he has gifted you. Clean and restore your restaurant. Make sure you have the required kitchen equipment, as well as ingredients, to be able to cook the items you have chosen for your menu. Choose from a selection of wallpaper, carpet or coverings of different


10 Oculus Quest New Release Reviews – Part 1

The Oculus Quest all-in-one standalone VR headset came out late last month and we’ve been spending a few weeks throwing ourselves around in some of the launch titles and new releases, today we’re going to give you our first impression on just 10 of those.We aren't going to be covering any of the free titles such as Rec Room, VR Chat, Bigscreen or PokerStars (although we think these titles are great too).This is part one of what will hopefully be a series of brief game reviews for the Oculus Quest. Let’s start in alphabetical order, simply ‘cause it's prettier…Angry Birds: Isle

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