Fortnite Review

Here we go... Fortnite, a game that was so hyped up and yet I never heard about it until I got it from a friend. I don't really know how to describe this game - It’s a cross section of all things people are into these days with some old school Epic Games DNA tying it all together. It’s part Minecraft, in that you bust up trees and rocks with a pickaxe to build big fortresses out of big snappy pieces, and part tower defense in that zombies creatures make a beeline towards said base with the singular goal of destroying

GOKEN Review

GOKEN follows the story of Edge - The master of the 5 blades. Edge has spent the last 5,000 years sealed away at the top of Swords Peak by the god O-Zone after an unsuccessful challenge on his life. Woken up one day by a small child, Edge must travel the world in search of his lost blades. Only then can he finally have his revenge on the gods!GOKEN is an Action-JRPG, not dissimilar to classic JRPG's such as The Secret of Mana, A Link to the Past and Alundra. The first hour or so of GOKEN is a real slog,

Blackwood Crossing Review

Blackwood Crossing left a bad first impression on me. You start by waking up mid-train ride to the voice of the main character, Finn. Being honest, I really disliked Finn the first time I met him. His voice was muffled behind closed doors and it sounded like he was peaking the microphone when he started shouting. This was short lived however, as I warmed up to Finn very quickly. The atmosphere is very bright and sets off a nice tone from the get go, as you proceed to walk through an extremely detailed and vibrant environment, Finn would like you to

Retro Dose #10 - Crash Bandicoot Series (Part 3)

The third and last part of our return to the past with Crash Bandicoot series we will remind you of two very successful spin-offs that came out for PS1 console.As a dessert to end our last Retro dose dealing with Crash Bandicoot series focuses on two games that do not have a strong link with this platformer series in the form of story, but serves more as a party game intended for co-op and competitive fun. The first of which we speak is Naughty Dog's last contact with Crash Bandicoot, Crash Team Racing , and the other is Crash Bash ,

Retro Dose #10 - Crash Bandicoot Series (Part 2)

In yesterday's Retro Dose, we brought you a brief look at the very idea behind the life and work of Crash Bandicoot, and now we present the original Naughty Dogs Crash Bandicoot trilogy. Did you play it?How did you like yesterdays Retro Dose? You can expect more today because we are directly recalling the original Naughty Dogs Crash Bandicoot trilogy specificities within a particular title, the protagonist and antagonist and entertainment that the titles provided us.The first title we are talking about today is the original Crash Bandicoot  from 1996 on which we have addressed the development process in the past

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