Sonic Mania Review

Out of the way, the blue Hedgehog came back, in all it's pixely goodness.If you haven't played Sonic games this is a perfect time to give them a shot, and if you have played them you are likely not even reading this article, and are probably playing Sonic Mania right now.Sonic Mania is everything a Sonic fan would want starting with the fact that it's a new 2D adventure after roughly 23 years since the release of Sonic & Knuckles (1994). Sonic has always been around with different variants of the genre, things like Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Sonic Collection, Spinball

Retro Dose #31 - Drakan: Order of the Flame

In today's dose, we turn back to the past century when we, in the ambitious Drakan, cooked evil orcs with our own dragon.Thanks to the popularity of the current Game of Thrones, I think we can now freely say that the idea of owning and riding their own dragon to the general public has become a more attractive concept. It was just the main concept in Drakan, which we got in 1999 on PC from Surreal Software developer.As an action adventure from a third person in which you can ride your own winged companion, in the role of somewhat stubborn women,

PWND Review

Today I review the game called PWND which is a fast-paced multiplayer FPS with unique characters and amazingly fun gameplay.Are you a proffesional t-bagger? Do you like humiliating your enemies when you kill them? Well then this game is for you. The goal of the game is to "kill" a person on the enemy team - but thats not it, to score points you have to pwn them. Matches are fast and fun, there are four different characters to choose from (more coming soon) all with different abilites and gameplay style. I would say the movement in this game resembles that

Retro Dose #30 - The Witcher before The Witcher

Fenomenal Witcher 3: Wild Hunt delivered us an unforgettable end to Geralt's adventure with Blood and Wine expansion, and we dedicate this dose to the humble beginning of the Witcher series. And no, it's not what you expect.After The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt , I think it's safe to say that today, a wide circle of gamers is familiar with Geralt and The Witcher series. Although many may not have played it because it is simply not their type of a game, surely everyone is at least aware that he even exists. And that he is important. But something that

Retro Dose #29 - The Lost Vikings

Today we remember the old Blizzard title The Lost Vikings which we played two and a half decades ago.Prior to Diablo and Warcraft, in 1992, for the SNES console, then Silicon & Synapse developer, known today as Blizzard Entertainment, has developed The Lost Vikings - a puzzle platformer, with three Vikings traveling through time. Erik who can run and break walls, Baleog that raises opponents and Olaf who can use their shield as a platform, got apparently abducted by aliens from their wooden houses to put them in a kind of a intergalactic zoo. Of course, our Vikings do not like

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