Hand of Fate 2 Review

“Every failure in combat can be balanced by success on the table,” That quote basically sums up what Hand of Fate 2 is all about, you can have bad luck with cards but still win because you fought good, or you can lose fights but can have luck with cards.Hand of Fate 2 is made up of two interwoven gameplay styles: a Dungeons & Dragons style tabletop, text-based dungeon crawler; and a hack and slash action game. It is divided into 22 challenges, each having their own individual narrative. Your character remains the same throughout Hand of Fate 2, but the

Defunct Review

Sonic The Hedgehog fans - listen up. There's a game called Defunct that's gonna fit all your speeding needs.As I said, Half Sonic the Hedgehog, half Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, Defunct is a surprisingly fun little indie game for PC.  The game is billed as an adventure game with a focus on flow and speed yet while I feel that those statements are in the wrong order, they are more or less accurate. In Defunct, you take control of a poor little robot with a broken engine.  You live in a giant flying cargo ship and on your travels you are accidentally jettisoned.  This is when

Balancity Review

Imagine a vertically aligned Sim City 2000 where, due to a lack of space, you have to build everything on top of each other... and it feels like a mobile game... and it plays like a mobile game.In a nutshell, BalanCity is a simple city management game with a twist. The twist is that you always find yourself building on a shaky piece of earth that's balancing on a thin pillar. Your job is to provide for your people, grow your population, build monuments and most important, keep the balance. The primary goal is to get your population as high as

Galaxy of Pen and Paper Review

Beware, the weirdest RPG you can find, the one that breaks the fourth wall... a lot. From the creators of Knights of Pen and Paper - Behold Studio.Galaxy of Pen & Paper is a space-based RPG that uses turn-based battles, random encounters, leveling up, and all that usual stuff. The big selling point is in its premise, which sees you playing as normal people role-playing the in-game characters. This allows the game to engage in a lot of silly meta-humor and pop culture references, providing a perfectly valid reason for characters to break the fourth wall at a moment's notice. Which

Ballistic Mini Golf Review

There is a saying that if you are going to do something the same as others, you either need to do it better or do it in a different way... this game achieves neither.If you played Golf with your friends or Golf it! , you know why it makes those games fun. The fast-paced, competitive fun mayhem with fun shortcuts and fun courses. This game has nothing of that. It's slow, there are no players so competitive thing is out of the question, all courses look the same and I thought some of the holes were just repeating themselves. Basically, you're

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