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Rhyfel's Comprehensive List of Life Changing Games

Don't worry this is not the typical "Top 100" list. Think of it more like a suggestion list of awesome games more than anything, this is a list of some of the games I have played over the many years, which I believe are detrimental to a thorough experience of what gaming truly has to offer. It includes titles from nearly every genre that have all provided gamers with unique experiences unparalleled at the time or since.These are not all the games I played, these are not all the necessary games either as I am sure I missed plenty. But these


How a game's difficulty can offer a lot more than just a challenge

A friend of mine recommended Nier to me and I can already tell the game has a lot to offer, I love Platinum so it's even easier to see how badass some parts of the game must be and the quality behind them. How ever when I started playing I encountered something that I had to stop to write about, and in this case I will be comparing it with Dark Souls 3. I know, everyone is sick of "The Dark Souls 3 of Platformers/Whatever" comparisons believe me I am too, specially since a lot of games DS3 gets compared to


How Game Design Can Be Your Friend

From Dark Souls to Ninja Gaiden, from Overwatch to Rocket League, from Shovel Knight to Super Mario. Every game has it's traps, it's secrets, difficulties and intuitive aspects.What makes a game "Well Designed"? How is Game Design responsible for a game being Difficult or Easy? What causes players to stonewall for hours against a boss, or defeat an area on their first run?I believe the best way to put it simply is to describe Game Design as 2 opposing forces. One side is always trying to challenge the player, while the other always trying to help the player. Let's take a

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