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Pirate game Sea of ​​Thieves will be able to run on low end pc
Co-operative pirate adventure Sea of Thieves on PC will bring players some visual display options we're not used to seeing right now in this age.

Microsoft's exclusive Sea of Thieves next year will shine on a PC with 4K resolution and 60 frames per second. But the Rare development team has some unexpected news for those who do not have a 4K screen and can't even run 60 fps on YouTube. Sea of Thieves will be especially configurable for very weak computer configurations, in other words, you can probably run it on your grandma's PC (if for some reason your grandma owns it)

Specifically, this means that the game will be able to run in 720 × 540 resolution, which is below today's HD standard. Most of today's games are no longer designed for resolutions below 720p so it's nice to see Sea of Thieves work in such a low resolution. But not only that - the game will also have 15 fps locks ... Yes, for comfortable gameplay, it is often unbeatable to be below 30 fps, but in Rare they obviously believe that their game will be able to play 15 frames per second. Well who loves it - buy it. I know I'm really happy when I heard these news because I can finally install a normal game on my laptop and not only emulators  (wink wink more retro doses wink wink)

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