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PewDiePie is again targeted by controversy
First of all, I know this is not a gaming article but I just had to write about it because it pisses me off - I am not a fan of Pewdiepie, but love him or hate him, this is just stupid

The most subscribed youtuber PewDiePie is again at the center of controversy due to an offensive live stream statement, and one development studio made it very clear and loud that after this they did not want to have anything to do with him. Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg  is again a target of controversy after, in the daily live stream of Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, he said a racist insult aimed at another player. In the midst of shooting in PUBG, he said what the Americans call the N-word, and although he was somewhat clumsily apologizing for such a statement and tried to quickly explain that he did not think so , everyone who watched the stream at that moment was clear that such a statement from the most popular YouTuber in the world will not go unnoticed. You can look at the Live Stream video clip below to better understand the context.

Let's recall, PewDiePie got fired earlier this year from Disney after statements and videos that many media interpreted as an incitement to hatred of Jews, pressing Disney to break up the cooperation with the youtuber who promotes such attitudes. PewDiePie then made a video in which he collapsed on the media because, in his eyes,  the whole story was overblown up, shaped as they fit, and deliberately pulled out of context, stressing that the nature of the controversial content was obviously humorous. It's important to watch this video if you want to comment on this new story.

Due to this last statement in PUBG live stream, one development studio has already decided to terminate the cooperation with Felix. It's a Campo Santo studio behind the popular Firewatch adventure . Indeed, the co-founder of Campo Santa Sean Vanaman collided with Felix with a series of tweets , called him a child propagating disgusting rubbish and said he would contact other development companies much larger than Campo Santa and encourage them, like themselves, to deprive PewDiePie of the possibility of earning money from playing their games.

Sean explained that he would request the removal of Firewatch videos from the PewDiePie channel, or so-called. DMCA takedown , and will do the same for all possible games from their studio in the future. 

Vanaman also says he is aware that 5.7 million views on his Firewatch video certainly helped sell their game, and that this is definitely something they need to think about.

The controversial gameplay video of Firewatch in the meantime disappeared from the PewDiePie channel, but it is unclear whether Campo Santo is credited or removed by PewDiePie himself, seeing the developer's statements.

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