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Live Ongoing Maintenance [FINISHED]

Hey Opiates,

This is a public announcement to make our members aware that the Opium Pulses website is undergoing live maintenance to upgrade our framework, optimize pages and improve overall performance.

As this work is expected to last for a number of weeks we are keeping the website live as the majority of its features and content still functions as intended but you should be aware that sometimes you will be met with generic error pages, please be patient with us while we work to fix these over the coming weeks.

If you have made an order and are met with an error page, please check your orders page before trying again and if you have been charged but no key is delivered after 15 minutes, please get in touch with us via email and we will rectify the issue manually as quickly as possible. Please don't try to purchase products multiple times until you've checked the progress of the failed order with us.

If you have attempted to register with us and are not receiving your validation email, please send us an email and we will manually validate your account.

We're a very small team that caters to thousands of users and customers so we greatly appreciate the understanding and support of our community.

Take care of yourselves, and each other <3

The Opium Pulses Team.

UPDATE: This work is now considered complete, please let us know if you experience any further bugs.
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