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Indoor Kickball Review

Indoor Kickball by Snowy Day is a new and exciting combination of sports, chaos and mischief! I will admit, it wasn't quite what I expected, but I was pleasantly surprised. It is kickball, but inside of a bedrooms, classroom, living rooms and other places that a parent wouldn't typically allow such a sport. There are also no strike outs or foul balls in this game, so all bets are off!

There is stuff all over the floors, and if there isn't yet, there will be. You have to jump over things to get to each base, and you never really know what might count as a Home Run. In one level it was the windows, pretty obvious, but in the classroom it was the clock and chalkboard. The Living Room level was a decent amount bigger than the other rooms, and had so much stuff in it, it made getting to the ball a crazy challenge at times.

Believe It or Not, This Living Room Was Clean When We Started...

You have a few options for playing this game. Firstly, it is available not only on Steam, but also for Xbox, PlayStation and Switch. You can definitely play it with a controller, although I used a keyboard and mouse just fine. There is a Quick Game option as a single player against the CPU, or with friends in a 1v1 local multiplayer. FYI: you will need a controller for the second player. There is also a Season Mode where you play against the CPU in more of a tournament style. This is also where you will start unlocking characters, rooms and accessories like hats and backpacks.

The tutorial is pretty straightforward, not really a lot that you need to know, so it is sweet and simple. There is also a slide (left mouse click) that can be used whether you are the pitcher or the kicker, and I have to say, that slide became my BFF for catching balls before they hit the ground! It was a great and fun tool to use. Of course, you can use it more traditionally to slide into a base, but I'm a rebel what can I say.

Tutorial Example (Before the Classroom is Destroyed)

The game mechanics are pretty simple, like I said previously. I could see the benefit of using a controller, but I was able to get the hang of it and kick some butt with my WASD, so it definitely doesn't take away. I love that I could grab a controller and have someone play along side of me as well. I can definitely see kids enjoying this game and the chaotic competitiveness that goes along with it. I will say, that for me, it did get a little repetitive after a while. I enjoy the game, but I couldn't sit and play it for hours. My kids on the other hand, I have no doubt that they would be laughing and having a good time for as long as I allowed them to sit in front of the screen.

There are a lot of other cute and fun features of Indoor Kickball. For example, staying hydrated is important, so there will be water breaks mid game. When you hit a Home Run, the pitcher will cry, or sometimes when you get them out there will be a little pop up with "$#@!", or something along those lines to hint towards some slight frustration, but still keep it kid friendly.

Stay Hydrated

Overall, I would definitely recommend this game if you are looking for something cute, fun and family friendly. It is an easy go-to when you want to play something, but maybe don't have the time to get sucked in for hours at a time. The graphics are cute and colorful, destroying a room with a kickball is obviously fun and entertaining, and how many games remind you to get your water breaks?!?!

Get it, play it, share it with your friends and family, have a great time.

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