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Samaha Idle Review

Samaha Idle Review

Developer and Publisher - Samharia Studios

Unleash the power of specialized towers to annihilate hordes of monsters in this idle game with roguelike elements. 

Collect gold, level up your towers, face powerful bosses, and refine your strategy with an evolving skill tree.

A simple game, with simple mechanics.

Kill the enemies by clicking or holding the mouse button, or just sit back and relax and let your turrets take the fun for you.

Samawa Idle is an idle game, so you can work whilst you play, and generally glance over to upgrade your towers and skills. It is much like any other idle game, even if you disconnect from the game, you should still be profited for some away bonuses on your next visit.

With over 300+ levels and progression-based achievements on the side, your desk job just got better.


There is nothing simpler than just clicking away, while you work on a project. It's a great distraction, that is what Samawa Idle brings.

Its basic gameplay is easy to learn, and with each new upgrade that you do, the tutorial of that unlocked function appears, you can also preview them from the bottom of the screen.

If you want exact prices, there is an option to choose between scientific or normal measurements, the preference is yours. There is also a hard reset which will close your game and reset you to0.

In the beginning stages, you will have to manually click until you can afford the first tower, it's not too big of a deal. You will also have to do this if you decide to choose to rebirth, which means to start again from scratch but with some bonuses.

You are given runestones which can be used to upgrade the skill tree, I don't particularly like this skill tree as it gets expensive after the first 2 skill upgrades.

But these are only collected by a rare spawn of a boss ghost, some perks upgrade the chance for rare spawns.

Most everything in the game can be boosted with some stat, for example, the gold earned, damage, attack speed, even the rarity of the enemy, stat boosts and collectables that spawn on the map.

With the stat boosts, you can only have 2 selected and you must use a random spin, whilst hoping and praying that you get a half-decent spin. I spent a good amount of time spinning and wasting so much gold trying to get the stat that I wanted.

There are 4 tiers of rarity, Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary. As you can imagine, that beautiful golden tier is sometimes impossible to get.

There are other ways to boost your stats, like with the shop when you gain EXP you can choose a stat, though it is only temporary until rebirth. There are also permanent upgrades when you complete an achievement.

Using Runestones after rebirth is another way, though the payout gets worse and worse as you spend to learn skill points.

With only 3 towers that you can use on the playing field and a choice from 5 different towers, each with its advantages and disadvantages, you can be sure that you will find a playstyle that fits you.

Mine is to use the Energy tower for its AOE explosion damage, the Poison tower for its DoT poison effects and the fire tower for its AOE fire trail effects, it does leave a good mark on a boss, that's for sure.

I would much prefer to be able to use all the towers on the field, but unfortunately, that's just not possible.

As you progress through the stages, you will notice that the cute slimes kind of resemble a Pikachu, adorable if you ask me, a lot of the sprites are reused throughout the game, so don't worry too much about it.

You will most likely be rebirthing every 60-70 rounds anyway, as it gets very expensive to keep upgrading your towers, and it gets difficult to deal enough damage. I found a half-decent exploit for that, let us see if you can figure it out too.

The graphical effects are pretty unique, and as you upgrade the towers you may activate some side bonuses like a supernova attack for the Energy tower.

Final Thoughts

I like Idle clickers, I even had a couple for my mobile. Even now as I write this review, it's in the background and I simply just ALT-TAB over and check on it real quick.

It can be daunting, gruelling and repetitive but aren't all idlers like that? Also, who can say no to 50 easy achievements for your Steam page, all game progression related too?

Potentially, I would hope that in the future more towers would be in play at once.

With a suggestion to the developer, why not let your players choose what stats they want, and to add more slots, they would need to pay gold for tier upgrades? I would be down for something like that. It would be expensive trying to add 5 stats to a single tower at Legendary tier, but I think it's worth it more than the current random.

You probably spend more trying to find the legendary tier.



I would rate this a 3

A lot of grinding, a lot of rebirthing, and a crazy amount of resources needed for each skill tree point. Also, only 3 towers can be used instead of 5, and you aren't able to move them either. I also didn't like how long it took to get a Legendary stat point for towers, even with over 80% chance to get a good rarity.

(5 being the absolute best)



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