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Key Points for Choosing a Long-Term Character in Diablo IV

Despite the fact that Diablo IV came out quite a while ago, there are still players who are just now starting their attempts to master a class and are deciding which character is better to play, alone or with friends.

Criteria for choosing a character

You should immediately understand your upcoming playstyle, the number of players in your group and the favorite mechanics that you will bet on.

However, you should first of all choose a hero who is close to you in spirit, even if he farms poorly and is more designed for full-fledged battles with players, or plays for the team and not for damage, in this case you can buy Diablo 4 gold at any time and fix it your situation.

Main characters available for selection:

  • Sorcerer
  • Barbarian
  • Rogue
  • Necromancer
  • Druid


This is the main and most dynamic class in the entire existence of the Diablo series. You can farm a lot of D4 gold simply by leaving a peaceful location and finding a cluster of enemies. The hero is highly dependent on mana and the first stages will be difficult for them, since there will rarely be enough of it. However, gradually the situation will change due to better equipment and items that will allow you to regenerate mana directly in battle, by killing enemies.

You will have three strong builds available for the game, with their own strengths and weaknesses, and it’s worth considering all the options before making a choice, but it’s worth checking right away. Firstly, you can always spend Diablo 4 gold and reset your build, the only difficulty that can await you is a mismatch of equipment.

Secondly, it is better for you to always combine two builds with each other, because in the future, when you play at a high level of difficulty, the number of enemies with resists will be much larger and with the format of one build - for example fire, then you will not be able to do anything to your enemies in this case, they should turn to a companion for help, or play with friends. Two builds will reduce the likelihood of a collision with full resists and the possibility of defeating the enemy.


This is the most popular and recognizable build that most players choose. It has a serious advantage - when you use all types of attacks, an additional burning effect will be applied to enemies, which will allow you to constantly damage enemies over time, even if you run out of mana. The downside is that many monsters, especially devils and demons, will initially have resistance, and then complete immunity to fire magic.


This is the most common secondary build for players who prefer two variations of hero development at once. Cold allows you to inflict single and massive damage, which will impose frostbite effects on enemies, removing all basic characteristics, slowing down, or even immobilizing the effect. Many magicians use cold as a second build if they want to diversify their elements and reduce the likelihood of encountering complete resistance from monsters and bosses.


This is the most powerful and at the same time unstable element to choose in your build. The fact is that all your attacks will have random damage from one, up to the maximum value for the current skill level. If you are lucky, the enemies will receive full damage from the procast, and if not, then you will spend all the mana to deal 2 damage. This is one of the options for the second element in the build and is one of the most powerful AoE effects, but with unstable damage.


This is the most stable and relatively simple character for gameplay with any level of playing skill. You will be able to get into the thick of battles and inflict maximum damage through physical AoE skills. When you accumulate the rage effect from the damage received and dealt, you will be able to activate the berserk effect, which significantly increases the damage dealt for a short period of time. This is an effective character for getting Diablo 4 gold, with or without damage boost. For each attack on an enemy using any weapon, you will increase your total damage. You can pick up any weapon, but it is better if it is specialized - swords or maces.


Anyone who played the second part of Diablo knows such characters as the Assassin and the Amazon. In Diablo 4, two classes were combined into one, and now you have access to a potential archer, or a master of daggers and critical damage, depending on which build you prefer. In this regard, by the way, it is more difficult to reset builds and move from one path to another, because the equipment may fit, but the weapon will not.

However, this character is a complete contrast to the magic class with its large and stable physical damage and the ability to inflict double damage on its targets. If you wish, you can also inflict massive damage from a long distance if you have a bow, crossbows and arrows, or bolts.


Similar to Diablo Immortal, this is an ideal character for solo play, as you can accumulate energy from killed creatures and call upon an army of the dead to help you, or play through curses to help allies and weaken enemies around you and bosses.

You will always have the resources to summon skeletons of swordsmen, lich mages, or golem tanks of your choice to your aid, and this army will clear most locations and dungeons - this is a simple and fast way to get cheap gold in Diablo 4, the main thing is just to survive while your companions deal with all the enemies that come their way.


A druid is a full-fledged analogue of a necromancer who uses the power of spirits and animals to call them to his side. You can summon most animals and even become a bear or a wolf yourself. The bear can tank raids, deal increased damage and have increased survivability, but at the same time have low movement and attack speed. The wolf, on the contrary, has a high speed and critical attack, but the overall attack will be weak.

Summon up to three types of animals, which will similarly clear the location on their own even without your help, or choose an auxiliary build for your group if you are not playing yourself.

Conclusions on class selection in Diablo IV

In D4 you will have the opportunity to choose a hero to suit your playstyle and earn a lot of Diablo 4 gold, regardless of class.

Each build is designed for PVE and single leveling with the ability to combine them with each other to avoid a situation where your hero will be ineffective in the end game, against enemies with a large number of resists and immunities.

The choice is ultimately up to you. Which character are you most attracted to and why? Let us know in the comments.   

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