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OP News - 16/04/2017 Edition
Battlefront 2 reveal
It's Star Wars celebration and, alongside the first airing of the new The Last Yedi teaser trailer, we got details of EA's newest title Battlefront 2

This time around a story mode is included, featuring a host of characters from the 30 year Franchise,  as well as the usual multiplayer mayhem. Release date is set for November 17th on PS4, Xbox One and PC. More details can be found on the Official Site

Bandai Namco's New Title
Not much is known about this one. A mysterious teaser of a new project and the hashtag "Prepare to Dine" is about it.

Elements of the trailer invoke Dark Souls and Bloodborne but, until more is announced on April 20th, it's all speculation.

G2A Respond to Gearbox Demands
As reported last week, Gearbox issued a series of demands to G2A before they would allow sales of their Collector's Editions of Bulletstorm. G2A remained silent and Gearbox starting to pull out of the deal. Now, G2A have replied stating Gearbox has made "defamatory statements" and that nothing will change. Read the full length statement here
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