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E3 The Conferences - Microsoft Xbox
So here it is. Microsoft's Project Scorpio is officially The Xbox One X. Boasting true 4k resolutions, or super sampling if you do not own a 4k television yet, this liquid cooled beast of a console will be released November 7th for $499.

Backwards compatibility was addressed for both the new and existing consoles. The Xbox One X will be fully compatible with all existing Xbox One titles, offering a power boost to boot. But the Xbox One was not left behind. Original Xbox titles are in the works with Crimson Skies being name dropped.
But, what about games. Microsoft outdid themselves this year, letting the titles do the talking with very few developer monologues. Many titles were shown covering a diverse range that the Xbox platform was sorely lacking.

Forza Motorsport 7 kicked off the game reveals alongside a new car reveal. The new Porsche 911 GT2RS was on stage for its unveiling and then showcased in game.

Metro: Exodus gave us a gameplay trailer of the upcoming third game due for release 2018 as an exclusive Xbox/Windows 10 title.

As well as the reveal trailer, gameplay of Assassin's Creed: Origins was shown. The leaks proved real with the Ancient Egypt setting and the founding of the assassin brotherhood. RPG elements have been added to improve the gameplay. Release is set for October 27th.

A lengthy gameplay showcase of Sea of Thieves gave us a good look at the upcoming title. Showing looting ship wrecks, finding buried treasure and engaging other vessels in combat this was one of the stand out features.

Middle Earth: Shadow of War was given its own gameplay demo, highlighting some of the newer aspects brought into the game.

The show closed with Anthem, the reveal shown yesterday at the EA Play event. A gameplay demo with breathtaking backdrops and engaging visuals made this a big hit for the event that needs to be seen. A tentative release of Fall 2018 was also announced.

Many other titles were shown, too many to link here, but head to the Xbox E3 2017 playlist for all the reveals including Life is Strange: Before the Storm, State of Decay 2, Ori & the Will O' the Wisps, Code Vein, and The Artful Escape.

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