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10 Iconic Female Video Game Characters

Femme Fatale has always looked good on pixels. Be it sex appeal or just outright badassery, these video game women has made huge waves in the gaming community.


Faith, Mirror's Edge

Mirror’s Edge is on top as one of the best games I have ever played in my life, and Faith plays a big role for all that acclaim. Athletic to the core and possessing a hatred towards the corrupt government, Faith is the ultimate definition of female badassery. While experiencing the adrenaline of parkouring above the buildings of Mirror’s Edge, Faith’s physical strength makes you forget you’re not controlling a male character.

Silent but deadly, Faith goes to show that Femme Fatale > po-po with guns.

Watch Faith in action here.

Alyx Vance, Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2 Episode 1, Half-Life 2 Episode 2

Alyx is Valve’s middle finger to female protagonist stereotypes of having insanely unrealistic sexual appeal factors. There’s a reason to which millions love Alyx though. Her loyalty, friendliness, kindness and sense of justice is enough to charm the hearts of gamers alike. Arguably a big part of the acclaimed (uncompleted) franchise, the leading figure of the Resistance movement in City 17 proves again and again to be the ultimate badass female sidekick.

Now if only we can get hold of that 3rd installment…..

Learn about Alyx Vance’s background here.

Bayonetta, Bayonetta

…..Speaking of over-sexualized.
I think we can all agree that Bayonetta is the definition of every male’s fantasy of video game characters. Taking sexuality to a whole new level of unrealistic, Bayonetta is a glasses-clad witch with literal hair as her only clothing, as well as weapon. Her…assets aren’t the reason why she’s in this list though (well maybe a little bit). Apart from the tendency to always get naked, there lies a solid female character which makes the game much, much more playable. Possessing the aura of a caring, protective mother, Bayonetta is a figure of protection with tons of abilities to kick ass.

Watch the five facts bout Bayonetta here.

Jill Valentine, Resident Evil series

The undisputed queen of horror games for many, Jill Valentine remains the most iconic female character in the horror scene. There are many female characters in the Resident Evil series, but there’s just something about Jill that makes her stand out as the strongest, most likeable one of all.

Brains and brawn has never looked so sexy. A protagonist of French/Japanese ancestry, Jill is the original female video game badass, hell bent on destroying the last trace of evil from earth.

Still don’t get why she went blonde.

Watch the Jill Valentine tribute here.

Lara Croft, Tomb Raider Series

I take it back. Take it all back. Lara Croft is the original female video game badass. There should be no competition whatsoever that Lara Croft owns the throne. Arguably the most famous female video game character ever, Lara Croft has rocked the hearts of many for seven and more instalments. There’s a legitimate reason for the fame though, possessing more than just the looks, Lara Croft is referred to many as the female Indiana Jones.

Tough in the head and the body, Lara Croft has went through torture, murdering and much evolution, and still make it out alive as the best of the best.

She’s one of those rare characters that will never, ever leave our hearts.

Watch the evolution of Lara Croft here.

Chun Li, Street Fighter series

Gamers refer to her as the first ever female character to don the fighting scene. A true heroine, Chun-Li has been around longer than you can say Honorificabilitudinitatibus (it’s a legit word). Chun-Li is an undercover Interpol officer seeking revenge on the mastermind behind her father’s death. Donning the iconic blue cheongsam without showing a hint of unnecessary skin, Chun-Li kicks at her foes at lighting speed, solidifying her name as the first lady of fighting games.

Watch Chun-Li in action here.

Clementine, The Walking Dead series

Clementine is a sweet eight year old girl in a world of pain and death. Don’t let her looks fool you though, Clementine has seen it all. Possessing mental strength in par with the strongest adult, Clementine is a heroine in her own right.

The evolution is clear. From a timid, defenseless girl in Episode 1 to a Man vs Wild worthy survivor in Episode 2, there’s no doubt that Clementine is the toughest 8 year old the gaming world has ever known.

“Still. Not. Bitten.” 

Watch Clementine in action [MAJOR SPOILER] here.

Joanna Dark, Perfect Dark

Widely known to be the perfect follow-up to Rare's Goldeneye 007, Joanna Dark is the perfect counterpart to James Bond. And speaking of perfect, that’s even what her nickname is in the game.

Though born with a spinal injury which left her crippled, Joanna gave no excuses and rose up to every situation thrown at her. Her skills gave her recognition, enough to be inducted to Carrington Institute’s ranks of top covert agents.

Equipped with skills, brain and looks, Joanna Dark has rescued the president, settled a century-long alien war and winning the hearts of many along the way. She’s professional, deadly, sexy and the ideal example of making a player feel powerful controlling a character.

Can’t find a good Joanna Dark highlight video, you’ll have to play the game yourself :p 

Jade, Beyond Good & Evil

Definitely a character subject to debate, Jade has been accused of being the most overrated heroine out there. Whether or not you agree, there’s no contesting the fact that she’s definitely the reason why Beyond Good & Evil became such a hit.

Jade is a well-rounded example of the “video game role model” classification. Donning her green jacket, Jade is a photo-journalist with no limits. Her choices are respectable, and I’ll go as far as to say her choices is what brought her into this list. Struggling to support an orphanage and making a living for them, Jade eventually goes on a quest to rescue her adopted family, as well as solving a massive conspiracy.

Watch Jade’s background and biography here.

Samus Aran, Metroid

This one’s a no brainer. There’s no contesting Samus Aran’s placing in this list.

Though being one of the least sexualized character of gaming history, Samus is one of the purest, original models of what a heroine should look, sound and behave like. Making history est. 1986, the woman with many nicknames kicked ass around the galaxy. Samus is one of the most loved heroine in the video game community even after close to 30 years, and she definitely deserves all the respect and recognition.

Granted that nobody really knows that Samus is a woman until the end, it’s a pleasant shock that brought waves of change in many.

Watch Samus Aran’s in biography and background here.


Honorable Mentions:

Sarah Kerrigan, Starcraft 
Princess Zelda, The Legend of Zelda 
Aveline de Grandpre, Assassin’s Creed Liberation 
Anya Stroud, Gears of War series 
Meryl Silverburgh, Metal Gear Solid series 
Nariko, Heavenly Sword 
Commande Shephard, Mass Effect series 
Jodie Holmes, Beyond: Two Souls 

Do note that none of these are arranged in any order.
Let us know in the comments who your favourite female video game characters are! 

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