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Konami Anniversary Collections Coming This Year

Konami is bringing three anniversary collections to all modern platforms this spring and summer. The first will be an arcade collection, featuring 80s arcade classics such as Gradius and Salamander etc. The second and third will bring eight games from the much loved Castlevania and Contra series.

In celebration of Konami's 50th anniversary, the company has decided to put forth three retro-collections of games. All three compilations will be due out this spring/summer for the PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and PC.

Arcade Collection

The first collection is an eight-game package that includes nostalgic goodness from their 80s arcade days. The collection is comprised mostly of shmups (shoot em' ups) including Typhoon (A-Jax), Nemesis (Gradius), Vulcan Venture (Gradius II), Life Force(Salamander), Thunder Cross, Scramble, and Twin Bee.  
Haunted Castle is an interesting non-shmup inclusion. It is basically an arcade Castlevania game without the official title.

Many of these games had home console ports, but most fans preferred the arcade versions. On top of the games themselves, Konami is including a historic e-book with content like sketches, interviews, and bonus information.

This collection arrives on April 18th (4/18) for just $19.99. As of now, it can only be purchased digitally.

Castlevania Collection

Undoubtedly the most popular collection announced, the Castlevania collection also includes eight games, but as of now, only four have been announced. These games include the NES games, Castlevania, and Castlevania III Dracula's Curse, Castlevania II Belmonts Revenge for the Gameboy, and SNES masterpiece, Super Castlevania IV. 

The other four games are a mystery, but Konami has said that the compilation was a tribute to the beginning of the franchise. The suspense has been eating at fans who have been guessing on what other Castlevania games may be included. Games like Rondo of Blood, Bloodlines, and Symphony of the Night are all being suggested, but it's possible handheld games from the GBA/DS era could also make an appearance.

Castlevania Requiem, which contained Castlevania Rondo of Blood and SOTN dropped last October, but while solid, was a smaller offering with less extra features.

This compilation is due out sometime in July.

Contra Compilation 

The Contra compilation (you guessed it) has eight games, and much like the previous compilation, only four games have been announced. Contra (arcade), Super Contra (arcade), Super C (NES), and Contra 3: Alien Wars (SNES).

There are tons of other Contra games to pick from, and there is speculation on whether we will see another version of the same game, and whether or not that addition would take up a game slot. This collection is slated for summer as well.

Konami is still keeping us in suspense over some details, and we will report them as they are announced, but these collections have been some of the best news in a long time for a lot of Konami fans.  

  • daedalus007
    March 30, 2019

    After exploiting their IPs with disgusting casino gambling machines, they're now trying to pull a SEGA and sell glorified ROM packs bundled with emulators for a hefty profit.

    Everyone should just respond by tweeting #FucKonami instead.  Let them eat the trash they've sown.

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