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Rescue HQ - The Tycoon Review

Developer: Stillalive studios

Publisher: Aerosoft

What is Rescue HQ - The Tycoon? If you love running fire, medical and police personal all in one game then this is the game you will love plus it has mod support.

The Story: In Rescue HQ - The Tycoon there is no real story apart from special event that are like escorting the don and getting rid of gangs there are lots of these which then put you on the edge as you can have more crimes, and more emergencies.

Making people do overtime!

What Rescue HQ - The Tycoon but more in depth? Rescue HQ Is a very simple but also a very difficult tycoon as if you hit the red your out but the game does have lots of equipment that can increase the success rate of situations and there mods which can change or make the experience much better.

Chosing who to send out!

The Mechanics: The mechanics of Rescue HQ are place objects down and hire more staff, in the game when you successfully complete a situation you get rep point which you can use these points to get access to new equipment and also you can trade them in for money (In-game) you use money to hire new staff which can help round the station, in the game you can create rooms for different purposes like a relax room where the officers can relax and gain some stamina back and also a sleep room which you see all of them sleep all the time there is a break room which you seem most of your officers, they can do other task like fix the cars, fix equipment and also do other task like talking to suspects which you can then gain money from it. There is a lot of way you can do a mission like you can send a paramedic and police in some situations and some people have special stats that improve there abilities and there work. In the game you have loads of ways to build your dream station like walls extending certain areas or adding new places for your officers to go there is loads to do. 

Hiring new people!


  • Purchase new lands to build more.

  • Missions/objectives.

  • Challenges.

  • Day/Night cycle.

  • Build your HQ how you want it.

  • Simple graphics.

  • Animations are good.

  • Achievements.

  • Mod Support.

  • Nice Jazz music.


  • Character models are very bland.

  • Can get repetitive.

  • Expensive.


Rescue HQ is a very fun game where you take control of the Emergency services to help people and also rescue people, with the mod support I can see this game doing very well as it will encourage people to play more as you can play new maps and new equipment in the game the current mods are very good I have a few already and they make the game so much better. This is a very fun game if you want to pass the time or if you want to own your own station assigning people to calls and getting new stuff then this game is for you so check it out on -> Steam

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