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Autonauts Review

Developer: Denki

Publisher: Curve Digital

Choosing where to go!

What is Autonauts? Do you like being lazy? Do you like letting bots do the hard work? Do you like Factorio? If the answer is yes then you will enjoy watching bots do all that work you don’t want to do.

Basic code to make my bot work!

The Story: Autonauts does not have a story.

Look at them work!

What Autonauts but more in depth? Autonauts is a top down management game where you the player make equipment like axes and shovels but while doing this you can collect the materials needed to create a simple bots that will do that for you and which will do your bidding which I’ll talk more about in the mechanics of the game.

A bot to fix other bots!

The Graphics of Autonauts: The graphics are very 3d and made very cute and pleasing to the player and make the game fun to look at.

The bots giving them food!

The Mechanics: The mechanics of Autonauts are easy to pick up after doing the first few tutorial books these book teach you have to create bots which will do what you want but you need to record what you are doing, example if you want them to simply collect sticks and but them in storage then you just record the steps to do it, all the steps are in block code if you have ever used the program “Scratch” then you will know a lot of the code is easy to get the hang of, when teaching the bots to pick something up you can change the area which they will check for that certain item which makes your job easier, in Autonauts you can create even better robots with more memory to allow you to do more stuff and allow you to make addons for your bots which can increase there speed or longer battery life. You can cultivate by making children and getting wuv from them which can be used In the research area allowing you to make another tools or even research shelter for your children allowing you to x10 wuv increasing research speed and with the help of bot they can do all that for you effectively making them child carers while you do something else. In Autonauts the levels are all random so you can pick where to go but every level will not be the same with different plants and different layouts making it your job of how you are going to set things up so a lot of planning ahead is needed so you know what you want your bots to do and what you need to do and want to do. There are animals as well for you to take care of like cows and chickens which you can make food or store for other stuff there is also fishing for food as well.

My little land of work!


  • Achievements.

  • Random levels.

  • Automated bots to do your work/bidding.

  • Cute graphics.

  • Unique gameplay.

  • Very addictive if you like management games.

  • Active devs who will help you in discord.


  • Few bugs.

  • Tutorial does not explain stuff very well.

  • Can’t copy and paste code.

  • No info on some errors that could happen.


Autonauts is a very cute and addictive game if you like Factorio then you will like this with the amount you can do with the bots and all the upgrades you can make this game make it so fun to watch them do all the stuff you don’t want to do, with the simple programming that is based off scratch it’s very easy to pick up and learn basic coding in a fun way , so if this interest you then check it on -> Steam.

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