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Conan Unconquered Review

What is Conan Unconquered? Do you like Real time strategy games? Do you like Conan? Then this tower defence game is for you.

Mission select!

The Story: Conan Unconquered does not have a story.

The tech tree!

What Conan Unconquered but more in depth? Conan Unconquered is a top down RTS(Real time strategy) game where you take control of Conan the barbarian and his camp and defending it from monsters and enemies trying to destroy your command fort which when destroyed is the end of the game.

Infomation about certain buldings and units!

The Graphics of Conan Unconquered: The graphics are 3D and very simplistic and nothing interesting the enemies are nothing intresting and do not stand out.

Me losing the battle

The Mechanics: The mechanics of Conan Unconquered are very simple to pick up and learn, you have to learn to manage resources well as most buildings require recourses there are control, wood, food and money but there is a lot more but these are the main resources to do anything from building units to even getting better buildings which do better things like getting sorcerers and a fricking avatar of death.


  • Achievements.

  • Well made.

  • Great music.

  • Old school feel.

  • Can explore for resources.


  • Gets boring after a while.

  • AI sucks half the time.

  • Lots of micromanagement.


Conan Unconquered is a fun at time and very nostalgic RTS game and is based in the Conan universe so as you can expect massive scorpions, spiders and sorceress trying to destroy your command fort but if you have the money and enjoy the Conan universe then this game is for you, so if this interest you then check it on -> Steam.

Developer: Petroglyph

Publisher: Funcom

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