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Trulon: The Shadow Engine Review

Few words about the game

Trulon: The Shadow Engine is an amazing RPG game that mixes up a few styles of gameplay, creating quite a unique combination of RPG, steampunk and fantasy elements. Using a card based combat system, which can be customized any way you want thanks to a diversity of cards you can obtain after fights, your goal is to save the kingdom from unknown disease.


  • An awesome art style of all the characters and surroundings
  • Soundtrack fits perfectly, doesn't matter if you're walking around casually or fighting a group of enemies, there's always a great song in the background
  • Writing of dialogues and characters is wonderful
  • Variety of cards and possibility of customizing them as much as you want makes fights really varied and maintained at an interesting level
  • Kinda open world that allows you to grind to make fights a bit easier or just explore around a little
  • Easy steering, as all you need is a mouse
  • Story is interesting and fun, along with some side quests to get additional exp


  • Music gets repetitive after a while
  • Animations are sluggish
  • Game is surprisingly expensive


Overall, Trulon is a great adventure game that will certainly keep you interested in the entire game. It's also very amusing to play, it's fun to try out some different deck builds. There's not that many games around with steampunk elements so that one thing was a pleasure to see, especially combined with magic. Puzzle elements were not really a challenge but boss fights were really defiant, it took me few approaches with different builds to beat few of them. So yeah, the game is great and totally worth buying (well, maybe not for the full price), it's entertaining, story is interesting and gameplay is a pleasure to play. Totally recommended!
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