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Snake's News - The Nvidia Redemption
A lil' bit later than usual. I'm a human too, I have to sleep y'know. Also, I had to re-post this 3 times.

If you remember - the GTX970 was advertised as having 4GB of memory, despite having 3.5GB + 0.5GB in reality (don't even do the maths on this, it is a HUGE difference). Anyway, after a mass lawsuit Nvidia has lost and offered to refund $30 to all US customers who bought it.

Why $30? Apparently that's how much cheaper the card would be if it was advertised as 3.5GB in the beginning.

MAFIA 3: MEET THE VOODOO QUEENAnother trailer which shows us how far the game is from its previous instalments. Anyway, meet the Queen - another one of main character's close associates.

PLAYSTATION 4 VS PLAYSTATION NEO - WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE?The results are in, so watch the video to check how big is the difference. Long story short - 1080p at 60FPS is possible on consoles. Yay I guess.

Here's something for those who don't care about vids.

NEW CONTENT FOR DOOM INBOUND!So, 12GB update for DOOM is here and it got its own trailer! What can we expect?

Two new multiplayer modes - Exodus and Sector. First one is a CTF variation, where the positions of flags and bases will change throughout the match. The other one is variation of domination.

SnapMap gets some love too. 30 new modules, ability to personalise the weapon wheel, and ability to control the Mancubus. Coolio.

More DLC will be coming - first one in line for Season Pass users (or people who are willing to pay $15 'cause they don't have it) is "Unto the Evil". It's going to add 3 new maps - Offering, Cataclysm, Ritual, a new demon - Harvester - and new weapons like UAC EMG Pistol and kinetic mines. It's going to come out pretty soon - August 5th.

That's it for today. I guess.
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