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Slime Rancher 2 Review

Some games should come with a diabetes warning sign. Slime Rancher 2 perfectly fits the bill as it delivers a cuteness overload masquerading as a relaxing gameplay experience, when in fact there is so much going on, that getting your nerves wrecked in no time is also a possibility. Slimes, it seems, are an unruly bunch, and while they attempt to leave you in awe with their lovely sounds and adorable expressions, chickens will be devoured, and tarr slimes will swallow regular slimes whole. It’s a dog-eat-dog world but with slimes in this delightful mix of first-person shooter and farming simulator.

Way to Goo

Slime Rancher 2 is the sequel to the surprising 2017 hit, with Beatrix LeBeau reprising her role as the main character, always taking her trusty vacpack wherever she roams. Beatrix will explore and unravel the secrets within the mysterious Rainbow Island where slimes are ripe for collecting, expanding her Conservatory while turning slime plorts into newbucks. This can be described as the game’s core gameplay loop, one that doesn’t get monotonous because it’s all so cheerful and properly balanced that you won’t mind a little grind to unlock doors and portals to new areas of the island.

Even during the very beginning of the early access stage – makers Monomi Park aim to keep the game there for 18 months – Slime Rancher 2 already looks extremely robust and polished, with no significant bugs or issues that deter from the gameplay. Every early access release should take a note from this game, a true love letter for fans of the original and a sign of the utmost respect for a community eager to try this sequel.

However, this doesn’t mean that Slime Rancher 2 marks a massive leap from the original game. It’s virtually more of the same, but with better graphics, a new and expansive map, and new slimes. Don’t mess with a formula that works, that’s the motto here – this is a fun game and one of the very few that are sure to bring a smile to your face. New players will love it, veteran players will enjoy the new area, creatures, and overall mechanics improvements that they will find.

Slime Feeling Good

Beatrix starts in an old, abandoned Conservatory that conveniently has all the necessary equipment in place and functional, but you must unlock it with newbucks. You earn these from slime plorts, which can be interpreted as slime poop if we’re being honest. Each slime follows a specific diet and has a favorite type of food, from meat to vegetables or fruit, among others. A slime eating something is sure to result in a plort, which you pick up and convert in your Conservatory. The value of plorts fluctuates, dictating your will to convert them straight away or holding off to a time where the selling price is more favorable.

Newbucks can be used in several ways, from setting up facilities in your farm to gaining access to new island regions. A corral will be useful to keeping your rebellious slimes locked in place, but upgrades such as higher walls to keep those bouncy slimes in check, backed by an air net, is the ideal setup to avoid unwarranted escapes. Growing your own fruit and vegetable gardens will ensure a regular flow of edibles for your slimes, and the coop is where you tend to your dear chickens and nurture them until they unwillingly become slime food.

On the other hand, character upgrades will enhance Beatrix and her vacpack in several ways. A combination of newbucks and various types of plorts is needed for this, but you won’t regret purchasing energy boosts, dash boots, and the extremely useful larger vac tanks.

Your dilemma lies on how to properly manage your currency in a way that the Conservatory is frequently upgraded and your trips to the surrounding areas become more profitable. Producing more food in-house allows you to feed your slimes and gather plorts without leaving the spot as often, so that’s a recommended approach. But the temptation to explore uncharted regions and locate new slimes is huge, and you must contemplate your steps in order to maximize the farming of newbucks while seeing some palpable progress. It’s more pleasant than it sounds like, though, so don’t be afraid of taking repeated trips to the same spot, if you believe that’s the best place to grab the resources you need.

Slime Flies

Playing Slime Rancher 2 is just like playing a cartoon. The art style is so calming and soothing that you just feel like strolling and enjoying the sights. The colors are vibrant, the world feels coherent and pleasant, and that’s even when there are no slimes around.

When the little fellows show up, everything turns into one of the most adorable playable Japanese animes ever – and you surely know that is quite a feat. Slimes are simple but cute, very fluffy and huggable, most of them mimicking some sort of animal or insect, from bunnies to cats and fireflies. Their lovely bouncing and piling on top of each other is only bested by their willingness to reach the nearest vegetable or chicken, munching on them like it’s the last thing they will do in this island – and sometimes, that may be true.

Adding to their overall cuteness, the sound effects are impeccably suited to their bouncy and seemingly harmless nature. Almost too subtle for their own good, their sounds are right what you would expect from a slime that is designed to make your heart turn into a soft mush. They’re not going to tire you anytime soon; it’s the right amount of aural cuteness without becoming exhausting in the long run.

There’s a very interesting albeit simple ecosystem at work in Slime Rancher 2. Throw some food into a corral, and the slimes nearby will come barging in, trying to get a piece of the pie; leave your slimes roaming around in the Conservatory and you may return to a few missing chickens and vegetables, as they show no boundaries when it comes to food. Behind their cute and harmless looks, the different slime species have quite a few things that makes them tick and we must pay close attention to them.

Goo Big or Goo Home

Slime Rancher 2 isn’t going to woo players who are familiar with the first game, but it’s already a massive improvement in every aspect, both in terms of graphics and gameplay. However, new players will be the ones where it will have the biggest impact, as they discover a world that is charming, colorful, amusingly chaotic at times, and yet still filled with dangers such as the ruthless Tarr slimes or the unforeseen drops into the sea.

Regardless of playing it safe most of the time, there’s still time for Slime Rancher 2 to come up with some bold additions on its way to the official release. Currently, it’s a surprisingly polished build that you can enjoy right now without any substantial issues. It’s the sort of game that can be enjoyed by everyone, from kids to elders, and one where you’ll leave the controller and watch the cute creatures bounce around more than you wished for. This trip to Rainbow Island comes out highly recommended, so long as you don’t expect a gigantic evolution from the first game.


  • Slimes conceived to melt your heart
  • Gorgeous world and sounds
  • Fun and simple gameplay
  • Extremely polished for an early access release


  • More of an updated spin than a full-fledged sequel

Rating 9/10

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