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Best Video Games That Feature Games of Chance for Aussies

The entertainment industry is one of the most growth-oriented spaces in the world. One of the most ever-expanding aspects is the gaming industry. Video gaming, gambling, and eSports are all examples of multimillion-dollar aspects of gaming.

With online casinos, people from all over the world now have the chance to bet on games they would otherwise be unable to access. The same can be said about the integration of video games into eSports. As casinos in Australia have been looking for different ways to expand their coasts, they have begun integrating video games into their online platforms.

Gambling in Australia

Australia’s gambling laws govern how players can interact with different online casino bodies. If you have any doubts about your chosen online casino, check the gambling provider licence.

Furthermore, they have also begun to allow people to gamble on these games. Today, playing a fantastic casino game doesn't always require selecting a specific video game. You could check out some of the top real-money video games that you enjoy or that someone may recommend by going to various casino websites.

But on the other hand, there are a variety of video games to discover if the basic casino game you locate on these sites is inadequate. Unlike the days of the oldies, accessing video games is only a matter of having a mobile device and an internet connection. The same can be said for casinos. Let's explore the many video game choices you can access in casinos today.

The Best Video Games You Can Find in Casinos

It's likely that you have seen movies with a casino theme if you enjoy gaming. Statistics show that, in Australia, over 80% of adults engage in some form of gambling, you can find more information about Australian gambling here. The same technical developments have benefited the video gaming industry, you probably reckon that these days, video games are a crucial component of online casinos, and you're right.

You can discover the different video game titles that feature gambling and casinos in order to earn money as a gamer. Video game players and gamblers can benefit from the strong relationship between these two industries. Here are the top 5 video games available in online casinos for Australian players.

The Witcher 3

Many players who like Gwent, the card game that this video game model incorporated, favor The Witcher III. Players must assemble a deck by collecting several cards while fending against monsters who want to be killed. It's a difficult game because the opponents get harder as you go along and there are many opportunities to not collect strong cards. The game is great for killing time because it offers an engaging story and gameplay.

Gamblers appreciate the game arc and the ability to collect points by playing as often as they want. Even though you are not required to bet, you can buy cards, which means that money is transferred. Consequently, Gwent is a well-liked option among poker players all around the world.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

As far as games go, Kingdom come is an oldie but a goody. It features a UI that displays the Holy Roman Empire in an RPG game setting. You can give it a burl if you’re into story-themed video games.

Points are set out for Aussie players to reach by throwing a dice, and the first player to reach a certain number wins the round. Kingdom Come is a two-player game that typically works on both a PC and a console. However, with recent casino integrations, the game is now being featured as a gambling game.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Fun and the associated adventure are the focus of GTA. The ability to wager on street racer competitors and events has been integrated into the game.

You won't get bored playing GTA San Andreas if you place a bet on virtual horse races. For gamblers with a penchant for selecting the highest bets and a winning streak on the roulette table, this video game is one of the best things they can try.

When you run out of money, San Andreas allows you to borrow from the casino. To improve your gaming and increase your winnings, try playing various games at your preferred casinos.


Watchdogs has a gambling pokies machine that provides a life-like pokie experience for Aussie casino game players. The Watchdogs pokies machine works like conventional pokies which allows you to stake as low as $5 as a starting amount. You can bet more depending on the casino that you use for your betting.

Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption is a risky game that includes, among other things, blackjack, poker, dominoes, and five-finger fillet by putting your life on the line as the name implies. It takes great intellect to play the game, and it may be fatal to jump right in without having a sufficient understanding of how it works.


A huge thanks to the BetPokies.com team, who gave us all their support in writing this article. As you can see, gambling is a feature of various video games thanks to GTA San Andreas's ongoing success and introduction. Now that casinos have begun to adopt these video games into their gambling systems, they have the chance to appeal to a more diverse audience and further increase the revenue of the gaming industry. And if not, there is always physical card games to fall back on!

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