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Some of the Best Arcade Games to Try at Least Once

Online gaming is a huge global industry that is always growing. Many of us will spend our spare time playing games, whether that’s on a games console or PC because of the immersive graphics and storylines that draw us into the action. There are so many types of games that you could choose to play in various genres, like first-shooter games, racing or puzzle games or even online slots. No matter which you prefer, there is bound to be a game to suit you online. Below, we’re going to take an in-depth look at arcade games; why they’re so popular and a few of the best that you could try.

Why are arcade games so popular?

Arcade games are still incredibly popular in 2022 for a few reasons and the market is ever-growing. If you’re a new gamer, or you’re a little more experienced, there is an arcade game for you. Here are a few reasons why more of us are choosing to play online arcade games for a dose of action and entertainment.

  • Variety: There is a huge amount of modern arcade games online that you could try, whether you prefer racing games, shooter games, or even puzzles, there’s a game to suit all tastes and abilities. 
  • Entertainment: One of the most obvious reasons why arcade games are still relevant is because of the entertainment that they provide the gamer. They allow you to become immersed in the game, taking you to another world with quality storylines and missions.   
  • Accessible: There are so many platforms that you have access to that allow you to play your favourite games, and as technology advances, it is becoming easier for us to play whenever and wherever we want, from the comfort of our own homes, or on the go. 
  • Nostalgic: If you’re looking to be transported back to your childhood, arcade games spark a bit of nostalgia, with retro games like Snake, Tomb Raider and Street Fighter retaining their popularity to this day.

If you’re a beginner, or you’re looking for a new online arcade game to try, read on as we look at some of the most popular modern games that can bring you hours of entertainment.

Jurassic Park Arcade

Perfect if you’re a fan of the films, this arcade game was developed by Raw Thrills in 2015. And although the graphics aren’t exactly the most up-to-date, this game is bound to have you captivated and remains one of the most thrilling for gamers even in 2022. The game itself includes the classic style of a point-and-shoot game that is associated with the 90s. If you’re a Jurassic Park lover, this arcade game follows the same plot as the movies – so get ready to be transported to another world as you embark on the most exciting dinosaur adventure.

Halo: Fireteam Raven

The Halo franchise is huge, featuring genres like first-person shooter, strategy, and arcade. The first Halo instalment was released in 2001, and over the years, it has evolved into a series of games and spin-offs so gamers can benefit from one of the best military science fiction games on the market to date. Fireteam Raven is an arcade adaptation produced by the franchise and first came out in 2018. This arcade game is immersive – the aim is to fight and conquer aliens that feature throughout, in the stunning graphics that Halo is known for. This arcade game allows you to play with your friends or as a single player, so you can explore the game in its entirety in whichever way you prefer. If you are a fan of the other Halo instalments, you could give this arcade game a try and see how it compares to your favourites!

Minecraft Dungeons

Without a doubt one of the most popular games on both games consoles and for those that play on a PC, this sandbox game allows you to play with your friends – up to four people at a time, with the aim to collect as many gems as you can as you travel through various exciting and action-packed levels. The game is great fun, and the multi-player element makes it even more exciting, and addictive! Find a group of friends, explore this captivating Minecraft world, and fight your enemies! It’s no surprise that this is one of the most popular arcade games out there.


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What are your favourite arcade game cabinets or memories?

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