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The Difficult Relationship Between Online Casinos and the Gaming Industry

Gambling and gaming are often taken as the same thing but there are great differences. Where are the intersections and differences?

If there are two sectors that have benefited from internet technology, online casinos or gambling in general and the gaming industry rank high in the list. The two are sometimes referred to as similar activities but they exhibit lots of differences. Houston G O’Keefe, an online gambling expert says the difference is thin as there are lots of elements of gambling in today’s video games. However, it has not always been this way, there was a time when it was difficult to play such games online, such as the Philippine online casino, as at that time it was non-existent. During such a period, scholars had clearly distinguished the differences between gambling activities in areas such as casinos and gaming.

For gambling, there is an element of risk and chance-related outcome where wagering mechanisms are applied. Gaming on the other hand involves interactive and skill-building games. Although the two are different, the technological divergence has made the difference between the two blurry. Digital video games are increasingly using real money features such as micro-transactions as revenue models. The loot boxes or basically the consumable digital items which can be redeemed for further items can be paid for using real money. The similarities between the two have led to arguments in some quarters that playing video games can be a precursor to gambling. However, this argument has not yet been backed by any research.

Mobile capabilities

If you explore online casinos and gaming in 2022, you will find one common thing between these two spheres, and it applies around the world. They both depend on mobile capabilities. Most of the players access them through smartphones. This is where the two truly overlap. Internet technology has been at the centre of it all, where it has led to faster and better connections from all parts of the globe and truly enabled serious creativity and innovations. This has enabled people to access and play games anywhere and at any time of the day. With this, there has been a major boom in both sectors.

For online casino games, courtesy of mobile capabilities, players have access to a wide variety of games. It is a similar situation for mobile games; a vast sea of video games are now at our disposal. This has created new opportunities for developers; they are now competing to provide their users with a variety of tools that they can use to enhance their gaming and gambling experiences in one.

Risk of addiction

Another area where gaming and gambling intersect is the risk of addiction. When not played responsibly there is a high risk of addiction in both. For most people, gaming and gambling are pass-time activities that they engage in as a hobby or just for fun. The two are designed in a way that encourages players to keep on playing. Online casino games offer their players some incentives such as bonuses and promotional offers for their continued engagement.

It is the same case for mobile games, where players get free points along the way when they win and when they cross certain levels. These incentives are meant to encourage the players to engage more. For underage players as well as adults who are obsessive, this can be a great risk, they are likely to engage in gambling or video games to the detriment of their health and finances. Players are encouraged to act responsibly. They should not engage in games more than it is necessary. They ought to follow these instructions in the name of responsible gambling and gaming:

  • Set specific times to play casino or video games and stick to these schedules.
  • In an event where money is involved, they should set a budget which should not be adjusted at any given time or easily (unless to be reduced). This will ensure that players do not spend more than they have budgeted in a given session.
  • Play only in sites where the operators have taken measures to control excessive gaming and gambling.
  • Seek assistance when they find that they are getting addicted to the games.
  • With these precautions, the chances of getting into gaming or gambling addictions are greatly reduced.

Social perspective

There is a great aspect of social engagement in both gaming and gambling. Community forums play a great role in bringing players together whether they either offer support to each other or encourage engagement. With the advent of social media platforms, this has become more prominent. Facebook gaming communities among other forums bring together players to engage in games whether online casinos or mobile games. With these platforms, players get like-minded people with who they can engage remotely.

For some, gaming and gambling are synonyms but when scrutinized closely they are different. In gambling, there is a higher element of risk and chance while in gaming it’s all about skills although luck also plays out to some extent. The two spheres have a lot in common and that is why the argument that for one to engage in gambling, gaming provides a perfect entry point has been suggested despite there being no empirical evidence to support the claim. The two areas are somehow related and this relationship is more pronounced in the digital era than ever before.

What are your general thoughts on the relationship between gambling and gaming? What games do you think handle the integration well and which do you think have lost focus on what matters most?

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