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Crisis Brigade 2: Reloaded Review

Crisis Brigade 2: Reloaded Review


This game requires a VR.

Crisis Brigade 2 reloaded is about covering, pointing and shooting, fast-paced pure action. Intense shootouts, powerful weapons, challenging levels, fierce enemies... 

Like the 90's classic arcade machines, but with the immersion that Virtual Reality is capable of.

Developed and Published by Sumalab

If you are like me, and you were raised in a place where arcade machines were the greatest invention of all time and there were no "Internet" or "Electronics" available to you except those old brick Nokia phones.

Imagine yourself on a Saturday afternoon and you walk into an arcade, you make your way over to the god of all machines.

Time Crisis 3, you know what I'm talking about, that beautiful game where you step on the pedals to go out of cover. 

Crisis Brigade 2: Reloaded has those exact feelings of pure nostalgia like when you first picked up that gun and inserted your coin, minus the stepping on the plate part, instead take cover, and shoot back!


You arrive at a tutorial screen, at the start of the game.

The tutorial is fairly informative, on how to reload and shoot you can even change from manual or automatic reload, my personal preference was to reload manually.

After this, you come to a police station greeted by many different screens that you can interact with by shooting.

  • Firing Range
  • Mission/Time Trial/Challenge selection
  • Weapon selection
  • Rubber duck target hunting
  • Online room selection
  • Difficulty selection
  • Leaderboard

The controls are pretty straightforward as you'll learn in the tutorial, hold your gun with 2 hands or 1 or even go with a riot shield, which I do highly recommend if trying for Hell or Veteran difficulties.

But me being me, I opted for going for dual wield MK18s, yes, I went full Rambo and even acted as though I was in the scenario, it was an actual blast, it gets even better as you join another player and they do the same thing! I had one person cry, as I kept rejoining them, this is because the rooms are randomly joinable, so you won't often get the same rooms.

Oh, if you ever feel like your teammate needs a good smack, friendly fire is disabled, especially for those squeaker microphones.

To buy new weapons, you need to complete a mission for a better payout, don't die or get hit!

Graphical-wise, the quality is pretty impressive, you can see the bullet trajectory and glass breaking, explosives and the detail that was put into making all the enemies and bosses.

You'll see some familiar bosses, that's for sure.

One last thing I should mention is that you only have a limited number of hit points; be sure to take cover, but fret not! There are collectables that you can use temporarily in the game, like better weapons, and slow-mo and health pick-ups!

Final thoughts

I thoroughly enjoyed my time playing, I also enjoyed my time shooting my teammates in the back, and the acting part of being shot by the enemy.

The game has some great replayability and the role play is fun too if you get the right people, as some just think they are the best that was ever created, when you were the one killing everything!

Would highly recommend playing with friends, the downside is that I didn't see a place to see lobbies or join private lobby members, which can be fixed I suppose

NOTE: Be sure to be aware of your surroundings!

create a big enough space for you to move in, you can move around in the game to get into different cover areas!

Available on:

Steam / Oculus

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