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OP Points System Explained

You may have noticed all our games in the Store and Trove can be purchased with points as well as currency.

So how exactly do you earn points?  Well, in several ways;

1. Earn Achievements 

You can earn achievements by interacting with the site, which currently includes; entering/winning Giveaways, Inviting friends, playing games in the Arcade, completing Quests, buying games in the Store and member anniversaries. More achievements are in the pipeline so watch this space!

Read the full article on achievements here.

2. Earn Cashback

Every purchase you make from the store will earn you loyalty points. Every $1 you spend in store will earn you 10 points.


3. Daily Log-in 

That's right, every day you log-in you will automatically earn 5 points for free! Don't worry if you have set the site to remember your login - you will still get the points every day you visit us!

4. Complete Quests **NEW**

Head over to the Quests page and complete a variety of tasks from our specially selected partners. This could be as simple as completing a survey or downloading a free game. In return you will earn points to either spend in the main store or our brand new Treasure Trove - containing a selection of great value games you won't find in the main store!


How much are points worth?

1000 points = $1

When/how can I spend my points?

You will need enough points to cover the full cost of an item in your shopping cart (partial payments are not possible). Then simply select the option to pay in points and you'll get that item for free!

  • cam0rra_
    January 24, 2017

    My Survey dont give me free points :( they say good u have 100points

    but on opiumpulse i dont recieve my points hmmm :(

    • Hi Camorra,

      Each Quest provider has their own support page linked on their quest wall. You can contact them there about a quest not giving you any points - they should be able to help.

      Good luck!  

  • wangpengfei199202
    April 30, 2017


  • dixia
    July 08, 2017

    awesome site keep it up guys!alreadfy bought myself 2 games by doing some quests!

    • Thanks for the kind words Dixia, we're always working on improving the site with big plans for the future, happy to hear you enjoy what we offer so far!

  • AVAaron
    October 25, 2017

    I'd like to ask a simple question! As being a new member I'm unsure of this site's working way of points. Especially while playing Arcade Games, are you notified when you get points?

    • Hi Avarron - thanks for your question!

      You are indeed notified every time you earn points on our site. Simply click the notification drop-down (to the left of your username) and this will list all the recent activity. You can view the full list in Account > Notification History.  Hope this helps!

  • alee
    June 06, 2018


  • mistress_liliana
    June 12, 2018

    Does buying a game with points count as a purchase so that you can enter Customers Only giveaways? Or is that only if you spend cash?

  • Attila777
    September 16, 2018

    hello a survival tycoon game, why can not I pay paypal? only coin is possible

    • Hi Attila777, You will find a selection of games in the Trove that are only available to purchase with points. This is due to the high cost of PayPal fees and to keep these games as cheap as possible. More points can easily be earned by completing Quests. Thanks

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