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Neversong Review

Neversong. Absolutely did not expect THAT. On a first sight, your average, runny jumpy platformer. Got to admit, first 20 minutes I wasn't sure if I will even finish this game, but once you grab onto the story, once you realize how simple yet perfect the background music is, that's where it gets good.It's an ambitious recreation of an old online flash game Coma, made by Thomas Brush (Atmos Games), that absolutely exploded on Kickstarter. Once the potential for something more was noticed in that little 15 minute game, that's where Neversong started to form. First thing you notice after beginning


Narrate like a Dragon: Yakuza 0

Disclaimer        This is not a review of Yakuza 0, it’s supposed to be an article I wrote for one of my classes about how Yakuza 0 tells its story. If you want that then…. say noodles in the comments to give me a signal.Introduction:        The video game industry is one of the most profitable yet youngest forms of entertainment.16 It is capable of utilizing any other art from that came before it ranging from painting all the way to including digital animation while adding its own flavor to the mix. There are many genres of

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