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Retro Dose #2 - Duck Hunt
Today we talk about the best-known NES game compatible with the Nintendo Zapper controller (also the only one that worked properly with it).
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you - Duck Hunt. 

Duck hunt
is the most representative game on Nintendo's Zapper and one of the most popular NES games ever, and that is why it has a secured cult status through references in numerous films, TV series, magazines and other video games. It came out in 1984 in Japan and, a year later, sailed on American soil where it gained unprecedented popularity and made a good foundation for sales in Europe, which began in 1987. Regardless of the different dates of release, Duck Hunt was equally accepted and popular in all countries of the world, and the fact that it was the only game fully functional with the Nintendo Zapper ensured its good sale.

The concept of the game was simple - Aim with the zapper and shoot the ducks. Shoot 10 ducks and you finished the level. The challenge was adapted to children's reflexes and to get used to functionality of the Nintendo Zapper. You could also play with a friend, who controlled the ducks with the standard NES controller.
Levels went to number 99, after which followed the deadly level 0 which was designed so that an error in the game limited the further progress of the player. It was the end of the game, which didn't really decrease the popularity of Duck Hunt, a title that many renowned magazines and portals put in their top games of the Nintendo Entertainment System lists.


And again, would the remastered version of Duck Hunt work? Absolutely, with some changes being made to fit today's gaming scene. I can totally see myself waving around with a plastic gun yelling at the screen "I AIMED AT THE DUCK...LAG"
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