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Retro Dose #10 - Crash Bandicoot Series (Part 3)

The third and last part of our return to the past with Crash Bandicoot series we will remind you of two very successful spin-offs that came out for PS1 console.

As a dessert to end our last Retro dose dealing with Crash Bandicoot series focuses on two games that do not have a strong link with this platformer series in the form of story, but serves more as a party game intended for co-op and competitive fun. The first of which we speak is Naughty Dog's last contact with Crash Bandicoot, Crash Team Racing , and the other is Crash Bash , an excellent compilation of party games and the first game in the series that was not made by Naughty Dog, but Eurocom.

Crash Team Racing is a racing game released in 1999 for the old gray PlayStation. The obvious inspiration was the Mario Kart series, but the main difference was in the imaginative and motley set of characters from the Crash universe that gave the entire game a different flavor. Hours and hours spent in replaying of the game due to the additional discoveries of hidden places on the trails or trying out other drivers, since each had differently decorated cars. The game was a great source of fun in single player mode, but it was praised because of the very entertaining multiplayer.

Crash Team Racing, like other Crash games from the Playstation 1 era, also found itself on the list of best-selling titles for the console, although much lower than extensions of the main trilogy.

Another excellent spin-off series, which is also found on the list of best-selling titles of PS1, bears the name of Crash Bash . It was a party game that contained all the powers of mini-games (seven of them, with dozens of variations depending on the level of competition). Background story of Crash Bash says that Uka Uka and Aku Aku quarreled over whether the universe is more evil or good, and they decided to resolve the discussion with a contest between good and evil characters from the Crash Bandicoot series. In countless playthroughs I saw both ends (good and evil), and the competitive game between good and evil character always finished the final showdown since a mid-end didn't exist. While the game wasn't receiving all the praise like its predecessors, Crash Bash is still deemed worthy of the end of the Playstation 1 era of Crash Bandicoot and then it all went downhill.

How we remember the Crash Bandicoot series on PS1? That is the question everyone has the answer for themselves. Some will mention a great musical background, the other awesome characters and design, the third will address the games humor and fun gameplay ... but all of us can agree that we will not forget them so easily. The series has helped sell the Sony PlayStation and marked the childhood of many active gamers today. I hope for a resurrection of the series on the PlayStation 4, and who knows, maybe one day the series will return to Naughty Dog.
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